There weren’t too many songs I liked from the rock band “The Young Rascals,” (later changed name to just “The Rascals”) but I really liked the song they released in 1967, called “A Beautiful Morning.” This is the kind of song where, you’d enjoy listening to in the backyard just chillin’ out. Maybe a barbecue or something. The song peaked @ #3, and stayed on the charts for 13 weeks. The song was so loved, it also reached #36 on the R&B charts. The song sold over a million copies by the end of 1968. You know, for most of my childhood life, I thought that the “4 Tops” sang this song. I had no idea. Boy, life would have been very different had streaming existed then. Another song you may enjoy by them is a song called “Goovin‘,” also released in 1967, and it hit #1, and stayed on the music charts for about 13 weeks.


I just love Daryl Hall and John Oats. I don’t think they’ve came out with any new material since about 2004-ish, other than their live concerts, and some of their biggest hits that has been remastered. Out of the many songs I know and love from Hall & Oats, my very favorite has got to be “One On One,” from the album H2O, released in 1983.  How cleaver is that? That they’ve used the chemical symbol for water (H2O), as a double meaning for “Hall & Oats.” The song hit #7 on the hot billboard charts, and hit #8 on the hot R&B charts. The beat to this song is so perfectly sweat, and the baseline is amazing. I used to almost always stop what I was doing when I heard this on the radio, the music was just to sweet to ignore.