Yes, believe it or not, I love country music too. However, the bulk of country music I hold dear are the older songs mostly; and usually from specific artists like Kenny Rogers. By the way, no disrespect…… But, have you guys seen the way Kenny looks now? Oh, my, goodness!!!! If he doesn’t stop with his addiction to plastic surgeries, he’s going to look like that cat lady. His skin is soooooo pulled back, he looks like he’s unable to close his eyes. I would have never recognized him, if I saw him walking the streets. He was growing old gracefully, and stayed handsome, until he went under the knife. Anyway, one of my favorite songs I’ve heard recently on Internet radio, is called “You Decorated My Life,” released in 1979. I think this was such a beautiful and romantic country song. His song hit #1, and stayed on the Top 100 for about 12 weeks. These were real & heartfelt love songs back in the day. Not like today, were it is all about ways of getting in to your pants. Hey, did you know that Kenny Rogers was also an actor as well? On Amazon, check out a movie called “The Gambler (1980),” starring Christine Belford & Bruce Boxleitner.