In 1983, siblings Doris, Delroy, Denise, Stedman, and Lorraine Pearson formed a group called “5 Star” and became an instant sensation in the United States. One of my favorite hits from 5 Star, is a song called “All Fall Down” released in 1985. “All Fall Down” reached No. 6 on the American Pop charts, and stayed in the 100 range for 13 weeks. In the U.K., the song peaked @ #15, and stayed about 12 weeks on the U.K. charts. Although I loved¬† a lot of their music, I couldn’t watch a music video or live performance without commenting on just how much makeup they all wore. LOL There were times the girls looked like cats they wore so much makeup. Without makeup, I’m most certain few of us would have known who they were. Another huge favorite of mine is a song called “Let Me Be The One,” which peaked #2 on the U.S. R&B charts. In 1986, 5 Star won the BRIT Award for best new artist.