I found this amazing remix of Luther’s old classic “Never Too Much (1981).” Believe it or not, I don’t recall ever hearing any house mixes of Luther’s music. Now that I think back, it’s kind of absurd, since I have been in the club scene in my late teens to mid 20s. Believe it or not, we had a lot of remixes even then. LOL. Then again, we were exposed to all kinds of music in the cubs. Then friends were always introducing us to new music in addition to that. Music was such a different experience 30 years ago, an experience that kids exposed to this new digital age will never know. Wow, looking at Luther’s side profile, I didn’t realize he was that big. I miss him a lot, the days of his music is over, pretty much.


I think you true disco fans will appreciate this album. This is from a guy we DEFINITELY do not hear about anymore, Van McCoy. His music was huge back in the 70’s. If ‘m not mistaken, his biggest hit was “The Hustle (1973).” Everybody got up and danced to this song, whether you were young or old! The tempo wasn’t too fast, and it wasn’t to slow. This was the perfect dance tune even if you couldn’t dance, because all the beats were pretty consistent. Another hit I love is an instrumental called “Love Is The Answer (1979).” I’m making an assumption that McCoy originally composed this for the Stylistics first in 1974. Unfortunately, shortly after the instrumental version was released he died of a heart attack, he was only 39. Listen with Rhapsody.

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