There just isn’t enough time in the world, to go down every single hit the group “Mother Father Sister Brother” has given us! They have made MAJOR contributions to our music culture. MFSB was in essence a massive orchestra of more than 30 musicians, of different races, color  and backgrounds. In my opinion, I feel as tho they’re like a soulful version of Lawrence welk’s Orchestra (if you’re old enough to remember that far back). They were originally put together as a “house band” for their Philadelphia International Records label. They’ve played music for many artists, including the legendary Jerry Butler, The Trammps. And with their brilliant talent, have help to boost the careers of female groups such as “First Choice,” and “Three Degrees.” MFSB’s most memorable song known around, is the song that would eventually become Soul Train’s opening theme song. The song is called “TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia),” and I imagine that every Black bell-bottom’d person on the planet was dancing to that song by the second, or third episode of Soul Train. The very short, and limited background vocals were of none-other than “The Three Degrees.” In 1974, TSOP hit #1 and although it only stayed on the charts for 18 weeks, the medley stayed in our hearts for decades and decades. Another funky song I recommend you listen to off this same album, is a song called “Sexy,” released in 1975. Although “Sexy” only peaked at 42, it was still a very favorite instrumental of mine as a kid.



“Believe It Or Not” was a huge hit song in the early eighties; and it was the theme song to a hit TV series called “The Greatest American Hero (1981-1983),” starring William Katt. The song was originally sung by Joey Scarbury. If you still don’t remember who William Katt is, you may remember him as Tommy Ross, who played Carrie’s boyfriend in the huge cult classic movie “Carrie (1976).” “The Greatest American Hero” was an action/comedy that had a story line similar to “The Green Lantern.” An alien visits the planet earth, and gives him a special suit that gives him all sorts of powers. Unfortunately, somehow Katt loses the instructions for the suit, and he’s left to figure out what it does as he goes along. He’s also helped by two trustworthy friends. Listen to “The Greatest American Hero” theme song on Rhapsody.