500x500I’m not a fan of listening to anyone that is under 21 years of age, trying to sing any iconic classic song. But a long time ago, I heard a great song whilst in my local grocery store. It had a nice smooth Spanish beat to it. It took me a little bit before I realized  the song the singer was singing, was “Stand By Me.” “Stand By Me,” was originally performed by Ben E. King back in 1961. This time, this particular interpretation was done by Prince Royce. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his version of this song. I loved the way he sang it because he stayed true to not only the melody, but preserved the whole feeling and essence of the song, as if he was singing the song for the first time (the way Ben E. King would have sang it originally (with a Bachata twist)).  I love it when musical cultures mix together, it is the most beautiful gift that any artist can give to the world (when it’s done right). I’m so happy I became aware of Prince’s rendition of this song, I think it’s really nice. There’s also another song he did quite nicely called “Su Hombre Soy Yo.” You can listen to them both on Rhapsody.