Pharaoh's Curse1957Today saw “Pharaoh’s Curse (1957).” It had about 3 out of five stars, so why not? Well, I think 3 stars was a fair rating. The movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. But the was very predictable though. In essence, a group of archaeologists go to Egypt to open a mummy’s casket/tomb. Of course, they wanted to do so to study the hieroglyphics. But the people of Egypt forbid them to perform any kind of excavation. Reason being, they would unleash a curse; a curse that causes the mummy to come back alive, and drain all the blood of the living inside the tomb until all is dead. This movie was also about one of the male archaeologists, trying to get in the pants of a female archaeologist who was already married to the head archaeologist. LOL. There was no subtlety about it at all; he did not waste any time. He was a straight up player by today’s standard. The female archaeologist finally gets the guts to tell her husband she wants a divorce, basically because she realizes she was being used by him. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so you’ll have to see the movie to find out how this situation resolves itself. No special effects really. However, the makeup job was fairly decent. This meets my “So Bad It’s Good” seal of approval. 🙂



Do you guys remember “Food Of The Gods?” Starring  Marjoe Gortner, Pamela Franklin, and Ralph Meeker? Well, this movie is so bad that I’m not even sure if I can call it a B-movie. However, it’s so bad that it’s good. In essence, the movie is about farm animals that have been fed food laced with some kind of experimental chemical or something. The animals then grow to these giant mutants killing and eating all the live stock. The biggest problems were the mice that turned giant rats. I got to tell you, although the acting was bad, it was pretty funny watching the horrible special effects (from a nostalgic point of view). Eventually, thousands of mice have mutated int to giant rats. They’ve must have used some king of technique where they’ve shot two separate scenes and put them together; because the interaction between the mutant monster rats and the humans were obviously off. If you like watching B-movies for a good laugh, rent this one.