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This movie was released ruffly around 1954. This movie became one of the most popular AND remembered creature flicks of all time. It was about a man fish. That’s right a man fish. NOT to be confused with a “Merman.” What movie is this? Once you think you have the answer, please use your Smartphone to scan the QR code to see if you’ve got the right answer!!

Bonus game question. This young superstar is a female country singer. One of the very few country singers that has been successful doing more than one genre of music, which includes christian and pop music. However, this particular country song she released in 1997 shot her career up like a bullet. Almost every single person was humming the tune to this famous love song……….. One last clue….. Another famous singer redone the same song in the same year, and her name was Trisha Yearwood. What was that song, AND the name of the celebrity that sang this massive hit? Once you feel you have the right answer, use your Smartphone to scan above image to see if you’ve got the right answer!!