Hi guys, I finally watched “Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015).” This movie is a Crackle original. I watched this not expecting anything spectacular; however, it was much better than I thought it was going to be. In fact, in terms of overall science fiction quality and good story line, it’s kind of between cable’s SyFy and worthy of being on Netflix streaming). Meaning, it has a touch of “modern day “B-movie” quality, yet has just enough action that pulls you in enough to keep you interested. Although IMDB has a rating of 5.2, to be fair, this type of movie isn’t for everybody. It’s not like big time actors are in this movie, such as Milla Jovovich; and if she was i’d be a whole different story. Lately, Crackle has been freezing in between commercials. I’m starting to think they got so popular that their computers can’t handle the traffic. However, if you have problems viewing it from your Roku or other streaming device, the DVD is available via Netflix.


This movie has elements of “Night Of The Living Dead,” Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and “Resident Evil” all rapped up in to one. However, like “Resident Evil,” “Dead Rising” was also inspired by a video game. And like Resident Evil,” “Dead Rising” is also about some sort of illness that turns humans in to flesh eating zombies. And of course, there was a coverup that wasn’t discovered until it was way too late. I’m not sure why zombies and video games are so closely connected. LOL 🙂


In my opinion, the zombies look pretty damn good, and realistically zombie like (in the classic sense), for a non-blockbuster, made for streaming movie. What’s interesting is that the directors of this movie had decided to have their zombies do things that were traditionally “un-zombie” like. For instance, we all know that zombies are the walking dead, with primal instincts to feed on other humans. That’s it! Zombies are not supposed to exhibit any form of intelligence; yet the above cop, turned zombie somehow thought clearly enough to use his gun to try and shoot his victim. The funny part was, I guess the cop was such a good actor, he actually pulled it off, despite how corny the whole idea of a zombie using a weapon is.


Although their are actually three heroes in this movie, Meghan Ory (kicks ass) as Crystal, and Keegan Connor Tracy as Jordan; our main hero is a reporter named Chase, played by Jesse Metcalfe. Chase is trying desperately to get the “real” story for the walking dead outbreak. There already exist a cure, a vaccination to prevent those who are infected from turning in to zombies. While Chase tries to sneak some pictures with his phone of someone being vaccinated, something went horribly wrong. The drugs were not working.


The next thing you know, it seemed as though everybody around him was turning in to zombies. Chase then runs for his life. Unfortunately, our heroes discovered that there was a HUGE coverup, a conspiracy to bomb the entire city, including people who have not been infected. Officials tried to make the public believe that the vaccination was no longer working; and there was no other choice but to decimate the city. The only real thing that pissed me off about this movie was that, Crystal (I believe) found Virginia Madsen, who played the mother of a child she had to kill because she turned in to a zombie. SPOILER ALERT: well, after Crystal went through all that trouble to save the mother, Virginia opens this door where a lot of zombies were locked up. The mother opens the damn door, sees her zombie daughter, starts to cry, and let her daughter eat her, and let all the other zombies out in the process. Oh, I wanted to jump in the TV and strangle her. LOLOL. Will Chase be able to stop officials from destroying the city with him in it? Watch the movie for free on Crackle.