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LOL I could not resist! So What does the 90’s cartoon X-Men and Lady GaGa have in common with this photo? Well, first of all, I can totally see Lady GaGa replacing actress Angelique Pettyjohn. You can’t tell me that the green hair isn’t totally GaGa. She would fit this part like a glove. Although, the dress Angelique does seem like it would be a little bit too “low key,” or too plain for GaGa. Don’t you think? LOL. Any way As far as the X-Men, you see those things around their necks? Doesn’t it remind you of when bad mutant named “Apocalypse” (I think it was him, actually he had someone else do the dirty work for him (I believe it was Mr. Sinister, look him up.)) tried to make them slaves, and put something around the X-Men’s necks, similar to what William and Angelique have on. When the-X-men wore that thing around their necks, the enemy was able to send some kind of shock (or something like that), to give them unbelievable pain. Also, it took their powers away, and they could not take them off. Almost the same thing with Star Trek.


Hey guys! Did you get a chance to check out Twitter’s new mobile features? This came out of nowhere! I had no idea! Well, actually, maybe I did LOL. I started to notice some slight changes to their website. Such as certain buttons took on a new shape, and the profile menu has changed as well. I like the change, the site seems more organized. However, I was thrilled with the new changes on their Android app. On your mobile, you’ll immediately notice two new extra features on the bottom of the main menu. “Night Mode,” and “QR Code.” The night feature pretty much turns the background dark, and the text more bold using the color white. It’s almost like using the “Night Mode” on your GPS. I love this look, as it makes things not only easier to read, but more comfortable on the eyes. I suggest this mode for people who are always on mobile twitter. The second feature I love is the QR code feature. This goes to show you how we’re advancing with technology. Between QR codes and Spotify’s new “Scannables,” I can see these being used A LOT for printed advertisement of new albums. I can also see these used a lot in place of business cards. All smart phone has scan capabilities. This will eliminate the need to have a pen on the go, or messing with creating a new phone book entry “on the go.” The one thing I’ve quickly noticed though, Twitter’s scanner is compatible with text, whereas Shazam can only read URLs it appears. I also notice that Twitter has one major advantage over Shazam. That advantage is, Twitter allows you to see the URL first, and asks you if it’s OK to take you there! Why is this an advantage? Because that link can have a malicious code on the other side! When Shazam scans a URL, it automatically takes you there. Kudos to Twitter!! Should always pay attention to links! If it don’t look familiar, don’t click on it! I forgot to do a “Mystery Movie,” this month. But for next month use twitter’s scanner for now on. It may not be necessary for me to always send you to a website.


You know, I can’t be the only one to think about this? Have you ever thought what it would be like if mutants were real? Like, outside of the fictitious definition of what a mutant is, or what we’ve seen on TV so far? What if Iron Man was real? If Tony Stark really existed in real life, he would need 24 hour security outside of his iron suit. Why? I think he would be constantly in danger of being kidnapped by our foreign enemies, and force him to build an army of weaponized suits against America. What do you think?

I think if given the opportunity, if Wonder Woman should ever get severely hurt by a powerful being, or terrestrial, the CIA would do every single kind of testing imaginable to discover the secret of her enormous strength. I think the government would confiscate her bracelets to discover the material it’s made out of. I think with that knowledge, instead of reproducing copies of these bracelets, they would create indestructible body armor and use it to empower our military. As far as her magic lasso, I’m not sure. Sometimes I imagine the government wouldn’t think it has any scientific value, if they view it as the “lasso of truth.” But if they knew that her lasso was also unbreakable, they would have the same amount of interest with her lasso as with her bracelets.  What do you think?

Last but not least, my very favorite mutant of all times. Ororo Munroe, also known by her code name “Storm.” She is one of the original X-Men. Although I think she is too powerful to be vulnerable, but technically, she doesn’t need her mutant powers really, because she is damn near a martial artist. She can kick-ass with or without weapons. However, like most mutants, she does have a weakness. Storm is extremely claustrophobic. Anytime she is “closed in” or encased inside anything, she goes completely buzzerk. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the government would go to the extreme of starving her to death boxed in a sound proof room. As there are people who hate mutants the fictional world, surely you wouldn’t think that none of us wouldn’t be scared shitless (especially after seeing what Magneto can do)? Therefore it is completely possible that the government would do such a thing. After storms death, they would perform decades worth of autopsy(s) on her body. I would imagine her brain would be the central focus, to figure out what part of her brain would control the weather. Her body would never be laid to rest. Every bit of her essence would be used for science. There would be nothing left. What do you think?


Hello my classic blog fans! I just wanted to inform my small group of followers that care, that I’m making some slight changes to my blog to make it more mobile friendly. I avoided it for a very, very long time, since 99% of the time I blog/tweet/facebook I’m using my PC. Without getting to technical, WordPress is a huge monster of an open source program, where programmers from all over the world volunteer their time to work on literally hundreds of different modules for this amazing CMS program. Then there is the other issue of my theme itself, and how WP responds to it and vise-versa. It would be more of a hassle than what it’s worth, to try and make my current theme more “navigable” to mobile devices the way it is designed now. After considerable thought, the best way for me to handle this is to get rid of most of my side panel. However, please note that I’m merely going to move the contents in a different place, so that mobile devices, e-readers etc. aren’t forever scrolling down to see my current posts. I really didn’t realize just how much people prefer their mobiles over PC. So, in response to that, I felt obligated to make some changes. Staying relevant just doesn’t mean content necessarily, sometimes it’s also how our sites are put together as well.

I’ll also continue to try and be mindful in making my regular posts as short and sweet as possible, and any downloadable media smaller (including streaming video). Once I’ve did the cleanup, I hope you’ve noticed how much my site is faster on your devices? Unfortunately to play along with the “Mystery Movie” challenge, and any Spotify scans, you’ll have to visit my site. I think it’ll be more fun that way anyway in the long run.  So, I’m doing noting major, I just prefer making minor changes, instead of performing plastic surgery, that could land me in a very aggravating situation LOLOL 😜


Since (technically), this is my personal blog, I felt that it would be very appropriate to share this piece of myself. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight, I’ve never been the type of person to share a bunch of “before and after photos.” Not that I was embarrassed or anything, it’s just that sometimes that can get so obsessive it can distract you, or even worse, obsess over how little I’ve lost, or how much I’ve gained. Anybody who has ever tried to lose weight knows that that will literally drive you nuts.

So, I needed to renew my passport and I needed to get new photos. I didn’t realize it until I compared my old passport with my new photos how much weight I lost. My jaw dropped. It was a great feeling though, because I never obsessed in the mirror over my weight, it became a big surprised when I saw it in a photo. It has taken me a loooooooooooooong time. But the important thing is I did it MY WAY. I didn’t need surgery. And you know something else? I eat bread! LOLOLOL. Sometimes it is necessary to tell people to mind their F** business so that you can clearly think for yourself. Literally thousands of people will descend upon you (unasked) to give you nine billion personal advice to things they don’t know anything about, or have first hand experience. Sometimes that includes “professionals who are not abreast with new findings/understandings of various conditions, and or health. Other peoples beliefs and assumptions will kill you.

I lost a total of 50+ pounds. My highest was 276, and I’ve reduced myself to 220 ponds. But when I was temporarily unemployed, I gained back 8 🙁 😡 America is so oblivious to stress that we almost never equate that with our health, unless a doctor mentions it. Let’s not forget the stress that other people causes, especially when they don’t mind their own business! It is so important that you invest in medical magazines, and frequent credible medical websites such as MAYO clinic. Continue to research, on top of your research, don’t just accept the first thing that someone tells you, because health is not a game. Because when your laying in the hospital because a huge complication as a result of what someone told you, the only thing he or she can say is, “but I thought?!?!?” People can see with their own two eyeballs over and over and still don’t get it.

I was going to do this photo in sepia, but I changed my mind. See the RAW Me. So I’m sharing this so that people who are trying don’t give up! Continue learning, and continue QUESTIONING YOUR OWN DOCTOR, not your cousin Bruno who lives up the street. Find YOUR OWN TRUTH. Peace….



You know, we know about Blacks being sold in to slavery, but we never actually see the actual business of slavery. Because it wasn’t really talked about much, as a child I always assumed that slaves were sold via direct hand exchange of money. In other words, I’ve always envisioned boats coming to land with a bunch of slaves, and potential slave masters all patiently waiting to see which slaves they’d like to buy, as if our ancestors were produce. Each slave valued differently based on the slave’s physical strength, and perceived health. It never occurred to me as a child that there were actually physical business, buildings that stood, like Price, Birch & Co., one of many actual dealers in slaves trade/Black human trafficking.


Now, the reason why I decided to write about this, is because this reminded me of the movie “12 Years As A Slave (2013),” starring the very handsome Chiwetel Ejiofor. The movie tells the story about Solomon, who was kidnapped in to slavery. In real life, Solomon kept journals of his experience. He had written that a man named “Burch,” stole him; but actually, it was a man named  “James H. Birch,” who happened to part own this slave trade building pictured above. Lately, there are a lot more Black films being made about slavery, I know that many are hard to watch, but it’s important to watch at least one as a family, so that we as a people can appreciate where we came. These movies are important, because they remind us the need to respect each other. Do you now see why photography is so important?


I have to say I absolutely loved watching Wonder Woman as a child. I was about 8-9 years old when I started watching her. While almost all the straight boys only reason for watching the show, was to salivate over her gorgeous body; I however loved watching her for different reasons. I loved seeing women in strong roles on television; and as I got older I realized that it was mainly because of two things. The first reason was because so many (if not most) women of television I grew up on played a lot of submissive roles. Some of the roles played by women, had characters that were so simple, I’m left thinking, “surely you can’t be that stupid?” But unfortunately, these were the kinds of scripts written for women, and people of color when I was growing up. The second reason was she did not represent that stereotypical women (both as Diana Prince and as Wonder Woman). You know, now that I think about it; this show was more important than I realized as a kid, because the show started just as the feminist movement ended I believe. The reason why this was significant was because, the the movement left many people with the mentality that strong women “wanted to be more like men.” Wonder Woman was not only strong, powerful, had her own mind, she was also very feminine in every way (perhaps too feminine at times), and she represented America with the ol’ red, white and blue.

It was hilarious, because, the first time I saw her spinning around on television, I said to myself “what the fuck is she doing?” LOL. Then when I started to hear that music, I knew that that was an indication that something awesome was about to happen. Then I saw the special effect used to fade her in to her new Wonder Woman costume. I thought that was so cool! Then again, it made me more anxious; because with some episodes, when the bad guys were coming, it seemed she took too damn long to change to Wonder Woman. I used to find myself saying, “HURRY UP!” LOL. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that thought about this, because a couple of seasons later, the producers started doing that explosion thingy when she spun. Overall, I think it was a good show.

Side note. It was my understanding at one time that many people in the Spanish community took big issue with Lynda Carter, because it was said she denied her Mexican heritage. I was too young to understand any of that stuff. I still don’t to be quite honest. However, in doing my quick research, she was not pure Mexican; she is actually of mixed race, born in Arizona. I guess the show was such a huge success, once it was found that she had Mexican in her blood, the Mexican community felt it was good reason to celebrate that part of her heritage during the peak of her Wonder Woman career. Again, not sure. I was too young to understand any of that stuff.



. Photographer: Christian Sommer | Used under CC License.

What’s surprising is that the trend that boomed in the UK has now become a global phenomenon. The vinyl resurgence has already reached various parts of Europe (Sweden, Italy, France, the Netherlands), as well as the Asia-Pacific region (Japan, South Korea) and Australia.  In fact, global vinyl sales increased by 51 percent in 2014, a year when the US vinyl sales surpassed those of the UK by almost $151 million.

This is a really interesting article, more news about the increase in sales for vinyl. Well, I guess what it really boils down to is the fact that people realize it IS inevitable that one day record labels will seize all vinyl manufacturing permanently; therefore vinyl is quickly becoming treasured collector items before our eyes. I’m also wondering the possibility if this can create new business sector? I must admit, I am very well informed of music technology, and even I was pretty taken back with this new “rebirth” of vinyl interest. My only question now is, could collecting albums become so expensive, that collecting albums will become exclusively for the “elite” group of people who can afford it? Will collecting albums be like Barbie doll collectors; just by the album without opening it only to resell it again at a higher cost? The number of sales shown in the charts I’ve seen are outrageous! To read more of this article click here.