A beer manufacturer named Corona kept running this commercial all day today; and the tune they used got stuck in my head. It’s a very catchy tune called “Take It Easy (1968),” by Hopeton Lewis, originally released under Merritone records. Recently, this album was  digitally re-released last year. You know, the song does seem perfect for that commercial, see for your self here.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find a whole lot written about him. But I do know he was born in Kingston, Jamaica; he had many hits during the 60’s; and started out as a background vocalist. There are two other songs I liked from this album, they’re called “Rock Steady,” and “Cool Collie.” Very smooth beat and easy to dance to. If you’re a fan of Ska and Rock Steady music, you’ll like most of the songs on this album. Check it out on Rhapsody.