Amazon is giving a 1 month free trial of video prime, so I figured why not? Before I continue with my review, I want to start off by saying, don’t bother with the student package. As much as I LOVE amazon, I was pissed with what they were offering. Yet I do understand that a lot of it was not in their control. Let me explain, the offer is 6 months free trail, and half off the yearly subscription price for verified students. I was approved, however, in the email confirmation, it said that I can’t watch any movies during the 6 month trial period! What??? I immediately realized that this had to do with copyright and licensing. As I’ve said before, to license music and movies is expensive; but even more expensive for movies. So I understand why Amazon did it, but they didn’t inform the customer before we sign up. The other thing was, I didn’t know that Prime also included digital books. However, digital books was also omitted from the 6 month trail. Say what?? Books is the first thing that a student is going to need? So at the end of the day, the only benefit you’re getting is the shipping. So, I got the regular movie Prime package instead (8.99 a month with one month free, includes SD through Ultra).


I’ve read such good reviews about a series called Bosh (2015-2016) 😍. The character Bosch is played by Titus Welliver, and is based on a novel. But unfortunately, this is an Amazon original, and is not available on Netflix or anywhere else. I had no other choice but to get Amazon’s Prime. Let me say that Amazon’s stream quality is mind blowing! I hate to say it, but it is actually much better than my beloved Netflix. However, understand that Amazon is an exponentially bigger online retail business, so they have the power to command better licensing agreements than Netflix. Unfortunately Netflix has to charge more for Ultra streaming.  The sound is amazing! I just melted when I heard Titus’s voice. What I really love about having these streaming accounts, is that when I get tired of HULU movies, I can temporarily suspend my HULU account for a couple of months and use Amazon, and vise versa. Amazon doesn’t have a suspend feature, but I verified with them that you can cancel and sign up again as many times as you want without penalty. That was a REALLY nice thing to hear; because these services are a lot like cable, in that,  when you first get cable, you try to watch as many movies you want, then the hype wears down. The only difference is, you usually have to upgrade to pay more money to get curtain channels, whereas streaming, you can just move services around and pay the same price. That is a resounding HUGE plus over cable! [Please note: if you cancel from Netflix more than a year, you could loose your playlists]


There only small minor things I did find annoying. The first is Amazon’s interface. The interface for my Roku is a lot better than the interface for my SmartTV. Unfortunately, we have no control over that, it’s all up to Amazon to update it. The SmartTV app isn’t well organized, and the navigation/back button tends to put you back all the way to the beginning. To be honest, my opinion is, if you have a SmartTV, it is better to just search movies  through your online account. Roku Application is easier and more intuitive; navigation is also on point. The last annoying thing is, it doesn’t seem like I can easily identify the last episode I’ve watched. I had to go online and check before watching (Amazon please update that!). Hope my review helps.