Angie Dickinson plays Sergeant “Pepper” Anderson, on Police Woman! First off, I gotta say that this was my most favorite musical theme. The melody is soo beautiful and it appears to fit with not only the premise of the show, but also Angie’s character as well. You know, at first glance, I didn’t think this show would turn out to be much; not that I thought Angie was a terrible actress; I just wasn’t entirely sold that she could pull off this kind of role. I was surprised to find out that she did very well. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the episodes, and subject matter for many of the episodes interesting, and some controversial. When I saw the title “Police Woman,” I pictured Angie doing a lot of physical acting (which made me think, no way is she going to pull this off). Now, the male actors did most of the heavy and borderline dangerous stunts, but Angie was such a good actress that it actually balanced the show out. I don’t think that we can do that today; most of today’s you’re literally required to be fit and ready to do some amazing acrobats!

Angie was one of many to help pave the way for many other female cop actresses, and I’m sure that would even include Mariska Hargitay, who plays Olivia on “Law and Order (Special Victims Unit).” Mariska Hargitay has been on that show for like forever! She just may be the longest running female cop actress on television (I’ll have to research that, but it sure feels like it). LOLOL.¬† Sorry, correction —>>> Netflix has the first season here, If you’re e vintage fan like me, I’m sure you’ll love the show.



I have to say I absolutely loved watching Wonder Woman as a child. I was about 8-9 years old when I started watching her. While almost all the straight boys only reason for watching the show, was to salivate over her gorgeous body; I however loved watching her for different reasons. I loved seeing women in strong roles on television; and as I got older I realized that it was mainly because of two things. The first reason was because so many (if not most) women of television I grew up on played a lot of submissive roles. Some of the roles played by women, had characters that were so simple, I’m left thinking, “surely you can’t be that stupid?” But unfortunately, these were the kinds of scripts written for women, and people of color when I was growing up. The second reason was she did not represent that stereotypical women (both as Diana Prince and as Wonder Woman). You know, now that I think about it; this show was more important than I realized as a kid, because the show started just as the feminist movement ended I believe. The reason why this was significant was because, the the movement left many people with the mentality that strong women “wanted to be more like men.” Wonder Woman was not only strong, powerful, had her own mind, she was also very feminine in every way (perhaps too feminine at times), and she represented America with the ol’ red, white and blue.

It was hilarious, because, the first time I saw her spinning around on television, I said to myself “what the fuck is she doing?” LOL. Then when I started to hear that music, I knew that that was an indication that something awesome was about to happen. Then I saw the special effect used to fade her in to her new Wonder Woman costume. I thought that was so cool! Then again, it made me more anxious; because with some episodes, when the bad guys were coming, it seemed she took too damn long to change to Wonder Woman. I used to find myself saying, “HURRY UP!” LOL. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that thought about this, because a couple of seasons later, the producers started doing that explosion thingy when she spun. Overall, I think it was a good show.

Side note. It was my understanding at one time that many people in the Spanish community took big issue with Lynda Carter, because it was said she denied her Mexican heritage. I was too young to understand any of that stuff. I still don’t to be quite honest. However, in doing my quick research, she was not pure Mexican; she is actually of mixed race, born in Arizona. I guess the show was such a huge success, once it was found that she had Mexican in her blood, the Mexican community felt it was good reason to celebrate that part of her heritage during the peak of her Wonder Woman career. Again, not sure. I was too young to understand any of that stuff.