I’ve always had mixed feelings about this song, however, she tore the sh** out of this song!! This is Barbara Brown, and her brother and sisters make “The Browns.” Their genres are R&B, as well as gospel. The song “If I Can’t Run To You I’ll Crawl,” is not only a powerful song about the deepest love you can have for a person, but the lyrics clearly explain the kinds of relationships we used to have way back in the day. If this song was re-recorded, I don’t think it would have received any accolades, simply because I don’t think most of today’s culture could relate to this kind of devotion. Let’s be real, in today’s world, the average person (especially a woman), can love her man to death, but she’s not crawling to anybody. That’s just my opinion. The song was recorded (then) under XL / Sounds of Memphis label. I actually recommend that you listen to the rest of the album; although my favorite is “If I Can’t Run to You I’ll Crawl,” the album as a whole is pretty bad*ss. There is very little information about Barbara and her siblings. But I do know she stopped recording early in the ’70s, and she died about 2010. She was in her late seventies.

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