I absolutely love Billy Ocean’s music. These days, I wonder exactly how many people even remember him. Billy Ocean is one of the very few Caribbean musicians, where it seems all of his music was intentionally customized and marketed to the American audience. Now, I spoke about this before, very few artist from the Caribbean (in my opinion) can musically cross over to American genres and sound good (that is if the band isn’t naturally drawn to that said genre). Just in case… Please don’t confuse my statement to mean the same as “reinterpretations, or redo’s,” those are not the same. Reinterpreting an American song, is not the same when a producer tries to change your natural inclination for YOUR own music. However, I feel Billy Ocean is one of the very few exceptions to that rule. Not only does the music that was produced worked for him, he has the perfect voice to go along with it. With hits like “Suddenly,” which happens to be one of my very favorite ballads from Mr. Ocean, hit #4 on the Hot 100 Charts. Beautifully sung.

If I am correct, Mr Ocean is now 68 years old. Remembering when I first heard his music from his self titled album “Billy Ocean (1976),” I am stunned as to how different he looks now. I guess maybe because he really hasn’t had a huge hit since around the end of 1980s, I only remembered him as far as his last hit. I believe Billy’s last huge hit was in 1988, with a song called “Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car.” “Get Outta My…..” was number one in the U.S., and it stayed number one for 2 consecutive weeks. The song continued to stay relevant on the charts for about 20 more weeks.

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