Alright guys, be honest….. How many of you thought Karen Young was Black when you first heard her voice? I know I did!! I think Karen Young was like a soulful version of Teena Marie! LOLOL I really can’t think of any other comparison right now. I used to rock the sh*t out of this song! And I don’t mean the little 45rpm either. This song was jumping from beginning to end, I don’t know how many remixed versions of this song exist, but I know it’s a LOT. The song “Hot Shot” hit #1 on the dance charts in 1978, and she had become a living icon of the disco era ever since. I personally remember playing this on just about ever birthday party we had. Unfortunately, Hot Shot was Karen’s one and only big hit of her career. She later on died about the age of 39-40, due to what was thought to be severe complications from an ulcer.

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Wow!!! Look what I’ve digged up tonight! This classic totally escaped my mind. I only loved three songs from Boz Scaggs entire career (Boz Scaggs, what a name, somebody must have been pissy drunk). “Look What You’ve done To Me,” is such a beautiful and short love song, yet, there’s something about the way he sang this song that made it sound so damn sad. LOL. Well, sad sounding or not, this song hit #3 on the Billboard charts, and stayed relevant for about 16 weeks. I remember hearing this almost every morning on the radio when I woke up.

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You know, I can’t say that I was a heavy Steve Winwood fan. However, I really like his song called “While You See A Chance,” and it is from his album “Arc Of A Diver,” under Island Records. The song peaked at #7 and stayed on the charts for 18 weeks. This is a great song, because in a fun dance tune, the lyrics say to keep taking chances if you want something, no mater how long it takes. I’m very glad Steve decided to make this a pop song; these same lyrics could have easily been put to a depressing music composition.

I also love, love, love, another song he did called “Higher Love.” It features Chaka Khan on background vocals. This was on Steve’s fourth album called “Back In The Higher Life,” released in 1986. The song hit #1 for 22 weeks on the Top 100 Charts, and earned him two Grammy awards. I think this is a beautiful song. In essence, it’s about a guy who convinces the woman he loves, it is time to take things to the next level, letting her know that he’s ready, easing all her insecurities. I love songs like that, these are very different words from the booty lyrics we hear today.

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There weren’t too many songs I liked from the rock band “The Young Rascals,” (later changed name to just “The Rascals”) but I really liked the song they released in 1967, called “A Beautiful Morning.” This is the kind of song where, you’d enjoy listening to in the backyard just chillin’ out. Maybe a barbecue or something. The song peaked @ #3, and stayed on the charts for 13 weeks. The song was so loved, it also reached #36 on the R&B charts. The song sold over a million copies by the end of 1968. You know, for most of my childhood life, I thought that the “4 Tops” sang this song. I had no idea. Boy, life would have been very different had streaming existed then. Another song you may enjoy by them is a song called “Goovin‘,” also released in 1967, and it hit #1, and stayed on the music charts for about 13 weeks.


I just love Daryl Hall and John Oats. I don’t think they’ve came out with any new material since about 2004-ish, other than their live concerts, and some of their biggest hits that has been remastered. Out of the many songs I know and love from Hall & Oats, my very favorite has got to be “One On One,” from the album H2O, released in 1983.  How cleaver is that? That they’ve used the chemical symbol for water (H2O), as a double meaning for “Hall & Oats.” The song hit #7 on the hot billboard charts, and hit #8 on the hot R&B charts. The beat to this song is so perfectly sweat, and the baseline is amazing. I used to almost always stop what I was doing when I heard this on the radio, the music was just to sweet to ignore.