This song was one of many hits that truly represented what the late 80s was like. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),” was released from Whitney Houston’s second hit album “Whitney.” The song peaked at #1, and stayed number one for two weeks. This was a really fun song, and I loved this song, but the music video always seemed weird to me. I really didn’t like those wigs she wore in the video. I don’t know, I just didn’t think they were suited for her. Then again, that was “the 80s look.” A lot of hits came from this album, including “Didn’t We Almost Have It All,” Which also peaked at #1, and stayed there for a whopping 3 weeks. This was probably my most favorite song from Whitney. I’m still made that we lost her. It still hard for me to accept we will never again hear new and amazing songs from her ever again.

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OMG!!!! I couldn’t believe I rediscovered this album by accident. I literally have not heard this song since my club days. Actually, I stopped hearing this song just about the end of the 90s. You see, this is why sometimes you need to get off YouTube!! You’ll never really find the kinds of music you liked back in the days (in our age group) unless you truly venture out to other websites!! Wow, wow!! “Two Of Hearts” by Stacy Q (note: not to be confused with Suzy Q) was hugely popular back in the day. Although I’ve heard this song in clubs, she was really a pop singer than anything else. The song hit #3, and stayed on the charts for about 22 weeks. From what I can tell, this was her only big hit from her career. Her next hit below this one, was a song called “We Connect,” which only peaked #33 if I’m not mistaken.

Get On The Floor,” by Michael Jackson. Man…. I played this song so much back in the day, the record practically turned to dust! LOL.. This was our jam back in the day, and it remains one of my favorite songs from the “Off The Wall” Album. I don’t know why I’m having trouble finding chart information for this song But it doesn’t matter, ’cause we all know that this is a 10+ platinum album in just the U.S. alone. By the way, I believe that the genius Quincy Jones produced this entire album. I miss MJ. Such a shame how drug addiction is killing our most beloved celebs.

Hansel Enrique Martinez and Raul Alfonso were both born in Cuba. They grew up with music in their blood. In 1976, both Hansel and Raul eventually came together and formed the group known as Charanga ’76. I happen to own an original 12-inch of one of their biggest hits of their career (in my opinion). It’s called “Music Trance,” released in 1979, distributed by Pimienta Records. This for sure, was a badass disco song!! The brass instruments were badass, everything about this song was hot back in the day (and still is). Definitely a lost treasure that young kids don’t know sh*t about today. What I love about this dance song, it’s one of the very few songs I’ve heard that has a strong American disco element, and yet the group still managed blend the core essence of Cuba in the song. There are also some other hits on this “Greatest Hits” album I vaguely remember, such as “Soy,” “Kuku-Cha Ku-Cha,” and “Wanda.” For those of you parents that care about culture, I highly recommend introducing this group to your kids. They’ve made a lot of great music back in the day.

If I’m not mistaken, “Rufusized” was the first album I purchased with Chaka Khan. There was only one song on this album I remembered being a hit. That was “Once You Get Started,” which reached #10 on the Hot 100 Charts. This funk dance song starts off with trumpets in the background, then you hear Chaka start off belting some serious high notes. When you hear this song for the first time, she’s letting you know you’re going to dance to this song! I can’t say this was a favorite album of mine, however, the single I believe was worth having. The song was written by Gavin Christopher, and I think they couldn’t have picked a better person than Chaka to carry this song.

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This was a badass group back in the day. Jacques Fred Petrus (1949–1987) and Mauro Malavas got together and formed “Change.” However, all of their most popular hits, seem to be the ones all featuring Luther Vandros. In the late seventies & mid eighties, they’ve clearly dominated the disco era. The album called “The Best Of Change,” is (unless you’ve been living under a rock, I dare to say) the most memorable album of the 1980’s. The album itself reached #10, and one of my favorite songs from this album “The Glow Of Love,” not only did it hit #1, it also stayed #1 on the dance chats for 9 consecutive weeks! That’s a little over two months! I remember every single block party in the hood was playing this song. Change was smoking in deed. My other two favorites, which were also #1 were “A Lover’s Holiday,” and “Searching.” Now, I have this album at home, and it appears that Spotify has added additional bonus tracks on this album. The bonus tracks sounded alright, I wasn’t exactly shaking my butt to them, but they were enjoyable. The most important thing is, the album includes all the famous tracks we know and love.

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You know, to be honest, I’m not sure if this group had other notable hits. But, as far as I’m concerned, this was the only song I liked from the group. “You’re Too Late,” was released in 1980, and peaked at #1 on the U.S. Dance Charts, and #28 on the R&B/Hip Hop Charts. As far as I can tell, this was their one and only major hit Now, personally speaking, it’s not that I think the band was horrible; their music was pretty decent; its just that it wasn’t enough for me to spend money on their albums. Much of their music contained a pop and funk style to them. It’s hard for me to place their kind of music, because when I listen to the groups albums spanning 10 years, their kind all over the place. This is a band you definitely have to have an acquired taste for.

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The Trammps were not only one of the biggest musical groups of the 70s, they were also one of my favorite soul & disco infused groups ever. First off, let’s talk about their outfits back in the day. Look how boss they look above! These were the perfect color; I mean, the people who took the time to design and make these outfits were talented beyond belief. Now, a group like The Trammps didn’t really need fancy clothing, cause they were talented on their own. However, when they did perform with outfits like these, it made their act even more exciting!!! I miss this era so much.

Their album called Disco Inferno, released in 1976, under Atlantic Records, is chuck full of amazing hits. When The Trammps released this album, they laid down the law, and they hit hard! Almost every single song on this album was a powerhouse hit! Starting with my favorite song (which happens to be the same title of the album), “Disco Inferno.” This song offered 10 minutes and 59 seconds of pulsating disco beats, and vocals that meant business. Within the first 3 beats of this song being played at a party, we all immediately knew what song it was. That’s how popular! When “Disco Inferno” was put on the 4 album deluxe “Saturday Night Fever” sound track, it immortalized the group as the album became 16x platinum.

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