I absolutely LOVE Bill Withers’ work! In my opinion, he is a musical genius that hasn’t gotten as much credit as he deserved during the prime of his career. His music is so unique, and his voice is distinctive. The only other musician that has almost a similar style of music is probably Al Green (in my humble opinion). Although, I think Al’s music tends to be a little slower “church” sounding tempo, whereas Bill’s tempo is more of a mixture jazz and funk. Mr. Withers story is inspiring; before he became internationally known, he suffered from stutter. You’d never know he had a problem with stuttering after listening to some of his music. He actually talked about this in his video biography called “Still Bill.” I highly recommend this video! The video gets in to detail about his life growing up, but it’s also a history lesson. If you are a Bill Withers fan like I am, rent it from Netflix. Bill has so many hits that I felt it was best to pick-out a greatest hits album. This album has A lot of his great hits I love, including “Harlem,” “Grandma’s Hands,” “Who Is he (And What Is He To you)?” “Use me,” “Lean On Me,” “Lovely Day,” and “Just The Two Of Us (with Grover Washington).” There are quite a few other hits that are not on this album, so I recommend that you search for them. Listen with Spotify.