You know, before I decided to stop doing album reviews and focus more on individual songs, I wish I would have remembered Lisa Stansfield’s first album. Why? Almost every single song on this album I absolutely LOVE!!!! Definitely, this is one of those rare occasions where I liked an entire album, from side A to B. Now, on they day she released the original album, there was only one record. However, Spotify includes bonus tracks making it a deluxe two album set. I would have loved to have this in my record collection. But I’m also sure if a physical copy is available, it would cost an arm and a leg by now. Or probably sold as an import most likely. I used to call her Betty Boop, because this was the image she gave in almost all of her music videos when she came out. Her album “Affection,” to my understanding is still her most successful album. Lisa’s song called “All Around The World,” from the Affection album was her most popular hands down. In March 1990, the song peaked at #1, and stayed on the charts for 14 weeks.

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My other original favorite form this album, is a song called “This Is The Right Time,” and the video for this song was awesome too. This song also hit number 1, and stayed on the charts for about 9 weeks. Lisa was definitely steaming hot with her first album! Lastly, there’s a song on this album called “Live Together” which I really, really love. The song did not get as much recognition as it deserved in my opinion. Check it out and see what you think? The album has a number of cute  remixes, and extended mixes I’m hearing for the first time as I’m writing this article. Come relive the 90s by listening to Lisa’s classic Affection album.

I was sifting through my old album collection and found the above album. Kraftwerk is actually a German music group that has created probably one of the most popular (globally) hit record ever made! The song is called “Trans Europe Express,” released in 1977, under Kling Klang Records. Now, I’d like to share with you something interesting about the song “Trans Europe Express.” It is very interesting that according to the American Billboard, the song only peaked at #119 on the Top 200 chart.  Personally I thought it was quite shocking, because considering its popularity, I’d think it would be number #1. The beat to this song has been sampled on some of the most recognizable hit hip hop songs, including Afrika Bambaataa’s smash “Planet Rock.” The only explanation I can think of for such a low position, is that it must have been a massive hit underground, and it is more than likely we didn’t have a category for it. Which proves my point again, not everything is about the numbers!

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No doubt this group is eccentric. I’ve listened to other music from Germany before in the past, and Kraftwerk sounded nothing like the German music I’ve heard. Their music seems to be more of an experimental variety. In fact, a lot of their music sounds like old 70s Sci-Fi scores. Altogether, they’ve made about 7-8 albums, as far as I can tell, they only had one major successful hit which was “Trans Europe Express.” Well, at least in America anyway. Often times it’s really difficult to research music charts around the world. Either the information is just not available, or IPs from the US are blocked. Why, I don’t have the slightest clue. The only logical explanation is these sites actual have music hosted on their sites, and the copyright holders have put restrictions on the U.S.

I know I’ve tweeted this album a couple of times already, but this album is worthy of a blog post. If you’re a Santana fan, and you’ve never heard this album before, I recommend that you take a listen. Now, I have never been a fan of live albums, but of all the music I’ve consumed in my lifetime, I can honestly say there were only two live albums I ever loved. The first was Donna Summer’s “Live And More (1978),” and the second album would be Santana’s self titled 1969 album. Santana’s album sounds so good, it doesn’t even sound like a live album (maybe that’s why I like it). My two favorite songs from this album are “Jingo,” and “Evil Ways.” When I hear Jingo, it literally transports me back to the late 60s; listening to the guitar solo on this piece was so amazing, I didn’t need to watch it on TV! I just closed my eyes and I was there. There were times listening to this album made me feel like I was in Woodstock! I was forced to insert this article in the “World Music” category, because there are too many cultures mixed in this album. Rock, jazz, Latin, the album is a musical gumbo. On Amazon, I found a great Santana concern on Blu-Ray! Could you believe it? There aren’t too many classic performers we find on Blu-Ray. It’s called Santana: Live at Montreux 2011. All the big names play in Montreux.

It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to this phenomenal woman’s music. The insanely popular song called “Pata Pata,” was recorded by Miriam Makeba in 1967. I was just shy of 3 months old when this song was released; yet, I was aware of hearing the song around 6 or 7? That’s how popular her song still was. “Pata Pata” was the song that made Miriam extremely famous; I guess we can say it was comparable to America’s Chubby Checker’s massive hit “The Twist.” Miriam’s “Pata Pata” was not only a great popular Afrodance song, it was that “feel good” song that brought many races together. Miriam changed the world with her music, and her legacy should not be forgotten. What was special about Miriam, she didn’t just spread political awareness with her music, she also sang about the kinds of deep personal struggles that many people of color were going through, and still are. Such as the song I love called “Quit It (1974).” Very deep words that song has, and unfortunately, it is still relevant to the struggles of many today. Her music will speak to you once you listen it (appose to hearing it). Young kids today don’t know what a phenomenal artist she was. Miriam died at the age of 76, some time in 2008. There’s an excellent video I found on Amazon’s streaming, it’s called Have You Seen Drum Recently? It’s a documentary about anti-apartheid and the change of Black culture. This video includes the legendary Miriam Makeba.

Aaahh Culture Club! One of my truly favorite bands of the 80s. I really love these nostalgic photos, they really do bring back a lot of memories. It is said that all of the Jacksons where huge fans of Culture Club. In fact, one of the Jacksons was thrilled to meet this awesome musical group at a benefit gathering Circa 1980. Pictured in this portrait from left to right, LaToya Jackson, Boy George, and his then very handsome boy friend John Moss. They’ve made so many great hits throughout their career. Check them out when you get a chance. Listen to their first album using your Spotify app here.




This is an extremely rare album, and I’m sure not too many people know of this group (unless you were a fan). Cymande is actually a British band, with a jazz and funk sound to their music. They actually make very good music in my opinion. However, this album was my first album (I believe this was their first release as well), and remains to be my most favorite from them. There are two songs from this album that I remember became really big hits. The first is a song called “Zion I,” which has heavy drum rhythms deeply connected to traditional African culture. The second song is called “Bra,” I remember hearing this song a lot over the radio, you can’t get any closer to jazz funk than this song. They have reunited some time in 2011 to produce a new album that was released in 2014. They have made a 360 degree turn; this album is nothing like the work they’ve did in their early career. It is almost all hip hop.

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