O.K. guys, this has got to be my most favorite 80s club remix of all times!! Well, I know I must have said this quite a few times on quite a few songs, but this song is very high on my list. Oh, this song takes me back when I hear it. I am literally transported back to the days when I used to hang out in the village. It was a very different time then, the culture, type of clothing, and the music compared to today, are “night & day.” Unfortunate, Spotify does not have the license for “Instinctual,” by Imagination. So, this is one of those rare instances I have to use YouTube to share my memories. This song hit #1 on the Dance Charts, and stayed relevant for about 10 weeks. But I have to be honest, I love this remix  100x more than the original release.

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O.k. Today….. A lot of you maybe squeezing your brains trying to remember exactly, who the hell is Colonel Abrams! This Detroit Michigan born musician, was best known for his club music. Throughout his career, he’s had about 3 #1 dance tunes. Out of those 3, the only one I really loved, was the song called “Trapped.” The song was originally released in 1985, under Universal Music. I believe it was only released as a single. I remember this song was playing a lot in the clubs back in the day. I couldn’t even remember his other #1 hits; “The Truth,” and “I’m Not Gonna Let You.” The only one I really remembered us dancing to was Trapped. Unfortunately, Abrams died from complications of diabetes, and other health issues in 2016.

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Damn!!! Another great album that reminds me of how old I am. I can’t believe it’s already been 20 years ago since Deborah Cox’s album “One Wish,” released in 1998. This woman can sing her *ss off. But let me start off by saying, a lot of people may not know that she’s not just a talented singer, Deborah was also a model as well! She also hosted a show called “Vanity Insanity,” where she discusses our obsessions with beauty and looking good. When she released her song called “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here,” I instantly fell in love with the song. It had strong background vocals, and a great beat to support them. But when I heard the club mix version from Hex Hector, I lost my mind. Hector took the same voice track and not only transformed it in to a new song, it seemed as though she put more in to it, but in actuality it was the same voice track. Wow… That’s a talented DJ. The song eventually hit #1 on the Hot 100 Charts, and stayed relevant until 32 weeks. I can’t say that this was my ultimate favorite that year, but, it’s high on the list. BTW, I also highly recommend that you check out “Things Just Ain’t The Same,” also remixed by Hex Hector.

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Unless you were a club head back in the 80s, a good majority of you are not going to know this group. This here, is a CLASSIC in regards to club music. And happens to be one of my favorites from the 80s club era. The group is called FFWD; and it cleverly stands for the following group members; Thomas Fehlmann, Robert Fripp, Kris Weston, and Dr. Alex Paterson (in that order). In 1987, they released a unique song under the “Criminal Records” music label called “Baby Don’t Go.” This was huge in the clubs back in the day. I can’t believe that this song has less then a thousand plays on Spotify. I’m telling you guys, we’re losing our musical history. I’m so sad about this. I can barely find any information on the record label, I’m starting to think it’s been defunct. However, on Discogs, there is a list of much of their old club/freestyle vinyls if you’re interested. I’m guessing FFWD had separated, because the last album release I could find was 1994.

Musically speaking, one of the many things I loved about the seventies, was that artists used to literally turn any classical music into a new disco song! 🤣 I really, really missed that. That was a time when we were more culturally connected to our music. Anyway, an composer by the name of Walter Murphy reinterpreted Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 5,” aka, more popularly known as “A Fifth Of Beethoven,” for the “Saturday Night Fever” movie soundtrack. He not only reinterpreted it, he turned it in to a disco masterpiece. First of all, let me start off by saying, how lucky all of the artists were who participated on this soundtrack. The album went 15x platinum! Do you realize how few movie soundtracks have accomplished this? The only other recent soundtrack (that I can remember right now) that hit big like that was, the late Whitney Houston’s “Bodyguard (1992)” which shattered SNF with over 18x Platinum. Every single artist that was on this album became cult legends, and was forever associated with this album. The enormous success and exposure with “Symphony No. 5” allowed Murphy to enjoy 40+ prosperous years doing what he does. Murphy has written music for “The Tonight Show” starring Johnny Carson, “Family Guy,” and even for the TV show “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.” If you’d like to listen to “Symphony No. 5,” how it was originally composed, go to Spotify here.

Switching back to dance music of the late 80s. I want to draw your attention to a club music group called “Raze.” Vaughan Mason, a member of Raze, written a song called “Break4Love,” which became one of the most memorable classics in 80s house music. “Break4Love,” was released in 1988, and risen to number #24 on the American Billboard charts, and reached #28 on the UK music charts. This song was really weird to me in a way. Why? Because he sang the song as if he was trying to sing for the first time. Or like, you know people who can’t really sing, but they want you to help them identify a song, and they try to sing a verse from that song? That’s what he sounds like! LOLOLOL. Yet, the music seems to go with his voice. It’s a nice, consistent danceable beat that anyone can dance to. There have been so many remixes done of this song by different dj’s, I can’t even remember them all. I’m really surprised this was allowed to become such a hit personally, because in my opinion it was at the borderline of becoming porn music, which it would have been banned a long time ago, if it were deemed so.



This song was the sh** back in the day. You young kids don’t know nothing about club music. From their album titled “Foundation,” published in 1989; the song called “That’s the way love is,” was given to the radio DJ’s. The rest was history. 10 City’s new song reached #1, and stayed on the top 100 for 12 weeks. Ooooh, we used to dance our *sses of to this song. Byron Stingily’s falsetto was freakin’ amazing! Very rare do you hear male performers who can project their voices like that. Lots of heavy base, and constant danceable beats. This musical sensation was a mixture of R&B and house mixed together. Another amazing favorite of mine from the same album is called “Devotion,” and it hit #17, and stayed on the charts for about 9 weeks. Now, there have been other hits, however, none had the same success and popularity as the two songs I’ve mentioned. I’m not sure if they’re still performing, but I really wished they’d stayed on the path of club music. I really wasn’t feeling their slow jams 🙁 You know what? Let me change that! Maybe it wasn’t a matter of whether or not their slow jams were good; it may have been the fact that they’ve mixed hard hitting club music; then changed the mood to almost slow dancing type rhythms on the same album. I hate that!!!


I found a remix of an old 80s song Eartha Kitt had made called “Where Is My Man.” I have to be honest, I loved her more as an actress than a singer. However, I don’t know what was it about this song that had me tickled. I thought this song was extremely hilarious, and I think it was because I associated how she sang the song with Catwoman, especially when she dragged out the word “baby.” That was sooo very Catwoman. This DJ has created an awesome mix of this song, and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I like it better than the original recording. Imagine that? LOL