Well, if you hate this group, like it or not, this became the hottest hit on the mid 80s dance charts. The band that called themselves “Dominatrix,” released their one and only hit single called “Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight.” This song came at the right time, as freestyle music literally dominated the club world in the 1980s. When I first heard this song, I was like “WTF is this?” It was so different, I really didn’t know what to make of it. I think part of what through me off was that, this was an American band, but when you listen to the song, they sound very much European. The video is even weirder; I remembered first watching it during the start of MTV. The song climbed up to #2 and stayed relevant for about 18 weeks or so. It was said that the video caused a lot of controversy, however, I don’t think the band pushed any more buttons than Madonna did during her prime.

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What the hell ever happened to the girl group Exposé? I can’t exactly call this Miami group a one hit wonder; but I didn’t recall seeing a whole lot of albums from them after 1987. That could be because, the album “Exosure (1987) was their best album of their career in my opinion. According to Billboard, they were the first group to have 4 top 10 hits, on Billboard’s “Hot 100,” and those hits all came from this album. All of my favorite songs are here on this album. My most favorite song from them of all times is “Seasons Change.” I think this song is so beautiful. Like Ce Ce Peniston, their music sort of transport you back to our H.S. days of innocence, and learning about boys, life, school, and all that good stuff. “Seasons Change” is truly a classic, because as old as this song is, I can still continue to listen to this song all day. Another song I love from this album is “Come Go With Me,” a danceable pop song that was playing all over the radio @ the end of the 80’s. “Come Go With Me” is another song that is timeless in my opinion. The last song I love from this album is “Let Me Be The One.” After all these years, they are still performing together. Check out their website. Listen to this album on Spotify.