Hey guys! This is my Spotify collection of old school hip hop, hip house, and hip dance music. This is the only time were I will probably break my own over 30+ rule. Only because I don’t think I’ll be doing another rap playlist for quite a while. These are some of my most favorite hip hop songs from back in the day, when hip hop was about dance, rocking crowed, and friendly lyrical battles. It was a time when female rappers (that had real talent) were emerging and fighting for equal spotlight; a time before young women were only used purely for their bodies in rap videos. This collection includes Eric B. & Rakim’s “Don’t Sweat The Technique,” Chub Rock’s “Treat ‘Em Right,” and D-Nice’s “Too Tha Rescue.” There are a lot more artists on this playlist that I think any TRUE old school rap fan will enjoy. Check it out on Spotify!