Hi old school family!! Back this morning with a special handpicked playlist just for my blog readers! I don’t believe I’ve shared with you any hard hitting house music yet. People of my age group who’s gone out to clubs in the 80s & 90s will appreciate this playlists. My playlist includes 30 of some of the biggest & memorable house mixes from back in the day (including Acid). Some of our best DJs came from the 80s & 90s in my opinion, such as my favorites, Ralphi Rosario, Fast Eddie, and Todd Terry, just to name a few.

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You’ll be dancing to club mixes like “Dance-Club Mix,” by Earth People, “Hear The Music – Tee’s Freeze Mix,” by Gypsymen, “Work It To The Bone,” by LNR, “Luv Dancin’ (featuring Jasmine) – In Deep Mix,” by Underground Solution, “Plastic Dreams,” by Jaydee. In the gay community, we loved Jaydee’s song so much, that every time a DJ played it, EVERYONE did the “Bus Stop!” It was an amazing sight to see, everyone coming together for the love of music. Imagine a huge club like “The Sound Factory (not sure if it’s still around),” and everyone doing the same dance steps! It was almost like watching synchronized swimming. It was an amazing time back then. Now people have so much attitude it’s not even safe to go to clubs anymore. Listen to these classic remixes on Spotify.