You know, I don’t listen to music in French (other than an old disco song Grace Jones sang back in the day); however, this song caught my ear’s attention. The above is Édith Piaf, she was born on the year 1915, and grew up to be a famous French singer & cabaret performer. In 1960, she released a song called “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.” It means “No, I Don’t Regret Anything.” All I can think of when I first heard it was, damn she rolled the shit out of her tongue. LOLOL. She sang that song like she meant business; she really didn’t regret nothing!!! Honestly, it’s a beautiful medley, so much so that I feel if you truly appreciate music culture, most people would enjoy listening to this piece (whether we speak french or not). You may also remember Édith from the DOVE chocolate commercials that seemed to have run every our on some TV channels. Thanks DOVE, the song is forever stuck in my freak’n’ head now. LOLOL She also sings an English version as well. Édith died early in her career at the age of 47.

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Today’s post was a nightmare (still is)! Why? I couldn’t find what I wanted. It was as though the information was wiped from the face of the internet!! LOL. You guys will just have to trust me on this one. The Happenings, is another great music group I like. Their harmonization sounded almost like a replica of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (or maybe vise verse). In fact, they both sang a song I love called “See You In September,” released in 1966. The song was originally performed by a group called “The Tempos.” Of course without question, I love The Happenings’ version much better!

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Now, here’s the hard part I’ve been struggling with. Finding only one of two commercial the song was actually in. Now, I know that it was in a Roy Rogers commercial; but to my understanding, the commercial was pulled because of a complaint they got from a High School. According to said school, they felt the commercial was sending the wrong message about the school cafeterias and it’s workers. Here is the original commercial from YouTube. However, I could have also sworn that it was on another commercial, a ski resort/vacation maybe? Or I’m also thinking a hotel commercial? I was racking my brain trying to remember what it was, but I was unsuccessful finding other videos on YouTube. It was more time I was willing to spend on it.


A beer manufacturer named Corona kept running this commercial all day today; and the tune they used got stuck in my head. It’s a very catchy tune called “Take It Easy (1968),” by Hopeton Lewis, originally released under Merritone records. Recently, this album was  digitally re-released last year. You know, the song does seem perfect for that commercial, see for your self here.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find a whole lot written about him. But I do know he was born in Kingston, Jamaica; he had many hits during the 60’s; and started out as a background vocalist. There are two other songs I liked from this album, they’re called “Rock Steady,” and “Cool Collie.” Very smooth beat and easy to dance to. If you’re a fan of Ska and Rock Steady music, you’ll like most of the songs on this album. Check it out on Spotify.