You know, I haven’t listened to Celia Cruz’s music in a really long time. But one things for sure, when I put on a sing such as “Quimbara,” I always wind up rewinding about 3-4 times. The song was released in 1974, and peaked in the U.S. at number #15. I can’t seem to find a record as to how long it’s been on the top 100/200. This is indeed my ultimate favorite from her. You can’t help but to dance to this song, and if you don’t, you either have no rhythm, or you’re just boring. This song almost appears to take over your body by the middle of the song. Absolutely no one else was able to sing this song like Celia Cruz. It’s like the song was just made for her and her alone. The only other version I somewhat like, is one that was done by an old school group called “DLG.” Do you remember DLG? Or “Dark Latin Groove?” It’s called “Magdalena, mi amor,” I know it’s not Celia’s Quimbara, but there’s enough essence of Celia’s song that makes it just as good. I just wish’d that lead singer¬†Huey Dunbar didn’t sound like he was straining his voice so much. Yes, Celia was a legend… Do you guys know why I love her so much? She was a TRUE artist, in that She’d sing ANYTHING! She was truly versatile. I’ve heard her sing Cuban music, marengue, bachata, & disco. I’ve even heard her sing in English. Although her English was not that good, she did it because that’s how much she loved music, this was how music influenced her as a child. She also have done many duets with people you would least suspect. Like the duet with Patti Label, singing Quimbara. Oh my goodness, I laughed my ass off when I saw this. It was HILARIOUS!! Not that I thought the performance was bad, I laughed because they were two woman having fun and sharing their positive energy with their fans! Celia was so popular she even appeared on Sesame Street. Sometimes I think even Spanish people don’t know what a legend we’ve lost. She always stayed connected to her Cuban culture, down to her traditional Cuban garbs. The Cuban woman with the golden, and unmistakable voice.



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