Della Reese was such a great singer, AND a very talented actress by the way. One of my most favorite and memorable movies I’ve seen her in was Harlem Nights,” starring Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and many, many other huge stars. In this gritty, gangster, Black comedy drama; Della Reese plays a character named Vera. I think this scene here,  where she gets in to a fist fight with Eddie Murphy, is the funniest in the entire movie. I just couldn’t stop laughing, I just never seen anything like it. Although, there was just way too much profanity for my taste; however, it definitely fit this kind of movie, and I enjoyed watching it very much.

The very young Della’s song “When I Fall In Love,” from the album “What Do You Know About Love,” was released in 1958 under Parlophone Records. I didn’t even recognize her at first, cause her voice changed so much as she got older. This is such a beautiful song; it was produced for a movie called “One Minute To Zero” in 1952, starring Ann Blyth. However, the song did not become a hit, until Dorris Day recorded it in 1952. The song became a music standard, and has been interpreted by many since then; and that includes Celine Dion and Clive Griffin, for the movie soundtrack “Sleepless In Seattle (1993).”

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