WOW!! Look what I found buried in my collection! Yo! If you don’t remember these guys from back in the day, something is wrong.. 😀 You know, I could be wrong, but speaking only from the best of my memory, I think this was one of the biggest, and last hit we got from Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five.  This amazing and flamboyant group released a rap song called “Beat Street Break Down,” for the 1984 movie “Beat Street,” Starring Rae Dawn Chong, and Guy Davis.

Now, to be honest I don’t remember much from the movie. I don’t even remember whether I liked it or not. I do remember however, hearing all the straight boys going bananas over Rae Dawn Chong. Personally, I didn’t think she was all that much of a brilliant actress, and her looks were average. I just couldn’t understand the infatuation str8 men had for her. Anyway 😀 The soundtrack was amazing tho, another song that became my favorite was “Us Girls,” by Sharon Green, Lisa Counts & Debbie D. Sadly it’s not on Spotify, but do check it out on YouTube.

When we talk about the history of hip hop, you can’t leave out GMM & TFF! They played a pivotal role in helping to make hip hop popular the way it is today. But on the other hand, from my perspective, I didn’t really experience their music as just hip hop either. It was more dance mix in with pop, and I think that added a lot of diversity to their music.’s Best Selling Men’s Fragrances

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