Ahhh, talk about lost treasures!! This was a very talented group called “Honey Cone.” Unfortunately, like many acts back in the day; sometimes they don’t get to use their voices to it’s full potential; because of poor songwriting; or sometimes bad marketing. Honey Cone, I feel falls in to that category. If they had the right management team, their fame could have been “up there” along side “The Three Degrees” in my opinion.

They’ve made several albums throughout their career. But they’ve only had 2 number ones, and one that reached number 5. The first massive hit was everybody’s favorite; a song called “Want Ads,” from the album “Sweet Replies,” under “Margate Entertainment Records, released in 1971. The song was an instant hit, and reached #1, and stayed on the charts for 16 weeks. This one single sold well over a million copies after public release. The second number one was “Stick-up.” It hit number on the R&B Charts. But to be honest, I never cared for it too much for this song. However, the girls sang their *sses off this song. The third massive hit was a song called “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show.” I used to play this song so much, it was a shame. I’m surprised that 45 didn’t turn in to dust LOL. This song reached #5 on the R&B Charts. I thought this was a badass song!!

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