You know, I just love the internet sometimes!! Because there are very few things I can’t find (at least when it comes to American music). I’ve learned something new today. For many years growing up, I just naturally assumed that “Inner Life,” was actually another music group. However, upon researching I discovered that they were actually a music project. But then again, it was really hard to keep track of that stuff; because it was very common for performers to literally change groups like their clothes. Sometimes many of them would decide to go solo, then if it doesn’t work out, they come right back to their old groups as if nothing ever happened. LOL

Posters USA – DC The Justice League Movie Poster GLOSSY FINISH – FIL035 (24″ x 36″ (61cm x 91.5cm))

Inner life was only active for about 5-6 years. If I remember correctly, they disbanded sometime in 1986. For most (if not all) of their albums, Jocelyn Brown has been the lead singer. The biggest hit that Jocelyn sang for the group was a song called “I’m Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair),” released in 1979. The song hit #7 on the U.S. dance charts, and it also hit #22 on the R&B charts. I was kind of shocked to see such a low number for R&B, considering just how popular the song was in the Black community. Other than that, the project didn’t produce any more big hits really. I have to be honest, I re-listened to several of their old albums after the “Caught Up” album, and their music really sounded like the same ol’ regurgitated disco albums that everyone else was putting out. In fact, it’s probably what killed disco in the first place, it was too much repetition. Jocelyn is so talented, I was happy when she broke away from that group.

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