I was sifting through my old album collection and found the above album. Kraftwerk is actually a German music group that has created probably one of the most popular (globally) hit record ever made! The song is called “Trans Europe Express,” released in 1977, under Kling Klang Records. Now, I’d like to share with you something interesting about the song “Trans Europe Express.” It is very interesting that according to the American Billboard, the song only peaked at #119 on the Top 200 chart.  Personally I thought it was quite shocking, because considering its popularity, I’d think it would be number #1. The beat to this song has been sampled on some of the most recognizable hit hip hop songs, including Afrika Bambaataa’s smash “Planet Rock.” The only explanation I can think of for such a low position, is that it must have been a massive hit underground, and it is more than likely we didn’t have a category for it. Which proves my point again, not everything is about the numbers!

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No doubt this group is eccentric. I’ve listened to other music from Germany before in the past, and Kraftwerk sounded nothing like the German music I’ve heard. Their music seems to be more of an experimental variety. In fact, a lot of their music sounds like old 70s Sci-Fi scores. Altogether, they’ve made about 7-8 albums, as far as I can tell, they only had one major successful hit which was “Trans Europe Express.” Well, at least in America anyway. Often times it’s really difficult to research music charts around the world. Either the information is just not available, or IPs from the US are blocked. Why, I don’t have the slightest clue. The only logical explanation is these sites actual have music hosted on their sites, and the copyright holders have put restrictions on the U.S.

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