I wonder if any of my readers remember a guy by the name of Malcolm McLaren? Well, he was a musician and songwriter from London. He was also a very well known promoter, and at one time managed a group called “The Sex Pistols!” What a name for a group LOLOL 😀 Now, to be honest, I don’t particularly care for a lot of his music. I don’t mean that to be cruel, it’s just a lot of these London cats love to make a lot of weird experimental shit. LOL.

Anyway, I think he is worthy of writing about, because he produced two very huge hits that I’m sure most of us remember, one is called “Buffalo Gals.” Remember that? The song was a major top 10 hit in the UK. According to a number of articles I’ve read, Buffalo Gals only did mediocre in the united states. However, I remember the hip-hop community completely embracing this music mix. Maybe they just expected more since they killed it in the UK. The other major hit he produced in 1989, actually became #1 here in the states on the Dance Songs Chart, that song was called “Deep In Vogue.” I believe this was the start of the Vogue dance craze. However, just to let you straight people know, Vogue was around loooooong before it was made in to a fad in the late 80s.

A year after, Madonna came out with her smash #1 hit “Vogue,” which was recorded on her “Dick Tracy” inspired album. Interesting that a song like that would be on a comic book inspired album. If you’re interested, here is the video for “Vogue.” Boy!! How did I get from writing about Malcolm McLaren to Madonna!! See how many things are often tied together? Malcolm died in 2010 of stomach cancer.

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