If I remember correctly, this was Mariah’s first album released in 1990 called “Mariah Carey,” under Sony Music. Now, I know there’s a LOT of Mariah Carey fans, and very heavy in the gay community especially. But I have to be honest, for me personally, I think Mariah’s music was best when she first came out up until about 2000s. I really loved her ballads (and a lot of her dance tunes too), but once she started focusing more on the hip hop genre, I slowly started to lose interest in her music. When she first released “Vision Of Love” from her first album, it immediately became a massive #1 hit. Not only that, it stayed #1 for 3 weeks! Now, that’s impressive. Another massive hit from the same album was called “Love Takes Time,” and it was #1 for one week.

Another great work I feel you should listen to is her “Emotions” album, released in 1991. Her first song that was released from this album, “Emotions,” hit #1 on the dance charts, and stayed there for about 1 week. I can’t tell you just how many remixes I heard of this song (It was sickening). But, it was an awesome tune, and she carried it well). One more song I suggest you check out from this album is called “To Be Around You.” Unfortunately, it appears I can’t find any chart information on this song. However, I do know it was an extremely popular song. To my understanding, the song was a tribute to the legendary Cheryl Lynn.

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