Damn! Ever since I started my web project, and each time I go through my memories, I’m dumbfounded as to just how much music culture I’ve lived though. Once you start doing research on these beloved music artist, you really get an eye opening sense of just how much time has gone by. This morning’s artist is about MC Hammer. He was an amazing rapper, dancer, and all around talented performer. Such a shame that he is not on the mind of many classic lovers, because I feel that his story was one that should not be forgotten. With his smash hip-hop dance hit called “U Can’t Touch This,” released in 1990, Hammer set a new standard on how hip-hop artist would perform going forward. Hammer’s performances were electrifying! Tons of energy, and fun to watch! Hammer was so popular, I can’t even watch this episode of Family Guy, without having flashbacks of his performances. If you didn’t laugh at that episode, you must have been living under a rock.

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Along with Hammer’s success being in the limelight, so was his failures as well. You see, unbeknown to Hammer, he would experience the worst public embarrassment of his life. In the beginning of the 90s, Hammer’s estimated worth was over 33+ million dollars. But after just 5 years of performing, Hammer found himself over 13+ million dollars in debt. In 1996, Hammer finally filed for bankruptcy. When I saw this on the news, I was thinking to myself, how the f**k could this even be possible? I kept thinking, if I was worth 33 million dollars, trust and believe, every single bill I had would have been paid first! Shortly after he filed for bankruptcy, I remember he did a frank television interview. He explained that bottom line it was money management. However, the problem wasn’t even about money being spent on himself, almost all his money was spent on other people. All the crowds of dancers, expensive houses for his family, wardrobe, etc, etc. But for me, I know what must have been the real kick in the balls, was the fact that once all his money depleted, so was his friends! I remember him explaining that almost everyone in his life during his music success literally disowned him. The man that changed the face of hip-hop forever, was quickly forgotten in less than a year after his filing. A few years back, I accidentally discovered a YouTube video of Hammer doing internet marketing. Well kids, what was the takeaway of this post? Be careful of the company you keep!


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