It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to this phenomenal woman’s music. The insanely popular song called “Pata Pata,” was recorded by Miriam Makeba in 1967. I was just shy of 3 months old when this song was released; yet, I was aware of hearing the song around 6 or 7? That’s how popular her song still was. “Pata Pata” was the song that made Miriam extremely famous; I guess we can say it was comparable to America’s Chubby Checker’s massive hit “The Twist.” Miriam’s “Pata Pata” was not only a great popular Afrodance song, it was that “feel good” song that brought many races together. Miriam changed the world with her music, and her legacy should not be forgotten. What was special about Miriam, she didn’t just spread political awareness with her music, she also sang about the kinds of deep personal struggles that many people of color were going through, and still are. Such as the song I love called “Quit It (1974).” Very deep words that song has, and unfortunately, it is still relevant to the struggles of many today. Her music will speak to you once you listen it (appose to hearing it). Young kids today don’t know what a phenomenal artist she was. Miriam died at the age of 76, some time in 2008. There’s an excellent video I found on Amazon’s streaming, it’s called¬†Have You Seen Drum Recently? It’s a documentary about anti-apartheid and the change of Black culture. This video includes the legendary Miriam Makeba.

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