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Oh, my goodness! This album from Seal came as a total shock to me. Normally, when I hear about an artist that has only performed (successfully) for only 10-20 years, putting out a “Standard Album,” I start to cringe on the spot. Why? Well, Music Standards are the kind of music that you can either sound really really good, or really really bad! Especially if it’s not the kind of genre you normally sing. Standard Music also has a much lower listener base (and I mean that in a relative sense). Standard ballads today, seems like the kind of genre artist want to sing because either they’re trying to expand their career, or their current genre is fading. But I have to say that Seal has done a wonderful job on this album. He really really pulled it off. I mean, I’m not going to say it’s my most favorite album of the year, but I have to give him props…. I enjoyed listening to it very much. Now, of course the first song on the list is “Luck Be A Lady,” which is a wildly popular song standard. It seemed like he chose to sing the song in the style of the legendary Frank Sanatra. I also like the way Seal sang my favorite song “I’ll Put A Spell On You.” He sang it so soulfully that it almost sounded more like R&B instead. The song was originally sung by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (I believe). Another nice one is “I’m Beginning To See The Light,” very well done if you ask me.

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I discovered this independent artist a few days ago. His name is Curtis Harding. I really, really like his music. Well, to be honest, I was drawn by the old school energy his album offers. Even his album cover, his pose, hair, presence, is very reminiscent of the Blaxploitation era (which I love). In fact, if it were not for the tattoos, I could have easily assumed that this was a 1970s album. Released this year, his titled song “Face Your Fear,” from his album “Face Your Fear (2017),” sounds almost like I was listening to a reincarnated Curtis Mayfield. He even kind of looks like him. How eerie…. However, I could not find specific information on the late Mayfield’s children. So, I’ll just assume they’re not related. The instruments were beautifully composed, even without the lyrics it would have been enjoyable. Although, I wished he would have annunciation better on this song. I’d say the newest sounding song on this album, is the song called “Welcome To My World,” which I also like very much. I have to say that this has become my most favorite new album I’ve heard in a really long time, since Jill Scott’s album “Woman (2015).” If you’d like to support this very talented independent artist, you can purchase his album on BandCamp, or add album to your Spotify and listen.

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