Heart was one of those groups that struggled, and put out a LOT of albums before they struck big, with their hit song “These Dreams” in 1985. It is a really nice ballad (I think). But unfortunately,  Ann Wilson (lead singer) and her sister Nancy Wilson, qualify to be on my “One Hit Wonders List,” because they never had a hit that matched the success of “These Dreams.” Although to my understanding they are still a big hit in Canada (where they were first discovered). I have selected an album similar to a greatest hits album, so that you can choose for your self whether or not you like this group. The only other song I thought was kind of cute from this album was a song called “Magic Man.” Edit: I understand that Heart had quite a few number one hits during their career; however, “These Dreams,” is really my only ultimate favorite from Heart, it’s the song I remembered the most, therefore it is on my “One Hit Wonders List.” Just because I am not die-hard fan, doesn’t mean I can’t like one or two songs. No one is going to like every single song their favorite artist makes. This is why bloggers do highlights.

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4 Responses to ONE HIT WONDERS AND TWELVE INCHES: Heart – The Essential Heart (2002)

  • I’m more of a soft-rock than hard-rock. But I just realized, they consider “Magic Man” hard-rock? To me hard-rock would be someone like Joan Jet’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me.”

  • Actually Billboard says that “Alone,” was number one for 21 weeks:

    And “These Dreams,” was number one for 20 weeks, so it was off by one week LOL.

    “Never,” was number one for 24 weeks, so I guess technically, that was their biggest hit. But like I said, “These Dreams,” is my biggest hit personally speaking….


  • Thank you so much for your input! Keep in mind that much of what I write is personal opinion (which is why I keep my articles short). Yes, it’s true, I’ve never been a die-hard fan of Heart; and as a result I am unable to get a full grasp of their career. It would take a much more in-dept research, which would be more than what I intended for my blog. I do remember “Alone,” and it’s a cool song; but personally I love “These Dreams,” because that’s what I remember here in the states. I remember “Barracuda,” and “What About Love” (actually that’s another song I like next to “These Dreams”). I try to do my best to quickly research artist without having to spend too many hours digging for information. My goal is to try and summarize the shortest way I can about the artist, and share my memories about said songs. Once again, I enjoy your input!

  • I’m not sure what country you’re from, but Heart had Top 10 singles in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s along with Top 10 and Platinum albums in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2010s. Their biggest hit from a chart perspective is “Alone”, not “These Dreams”. Their biggest hit from a recognition perspective is “Barracuda”. Heart is known mainly as a hard rock band for their harder songs such as Barracuda, Crazy On You, Magic Man, Even It Up, Straight On, If Looks Could Kill, etc., than their ballads.

    It sounds like you are not very familiar with them at all because the song you selected as their one hit isn’t even a song they are really known for. Heck, the song you selected isn’t even sung by their lead singer.

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