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Do you remember Smart Beep? I don’t care what anybody says, this was one of the funniest commercial in the 80’s. I think part of what made it so funny, was that you just don’t expect a lady to poop like that, especially on a first date… LOL

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Almost a week ago, I was listening to an old album I have of Aretha Franklin called “Aretha Franklin – Live at Filmore West.” I have to confess that this was not one of my favorite albums from her. I’ve heard much better albums. Then again, it’s rare that I enjoy live albums; I’d rather see a performance on video rather than hear it (that’s just me). Well, despite the fact that I was not feeling most of the songs in this album, one song stood out. The first song (don’t remember if it was side A or B) was Dr. Feel Good. I love hearing her sing it on this album, not because it was “good,” but because it was hilarious!! In fact it was so hilarious, it is the only real reason I ever listen to this album. When you hear her sing “Dr. Feel Good” on this album, you can tell right away that she was obviously TOASTED!! When you first hear her sing it, I guarantee that at some point in the song you’ll be thinking at least one of these things…. Did she just faint? Or, Is she bugging out on cocaine? Or, is she being abducted by aliens? Or, is she screaming because she thumped her toe???? Your thoughts will go all over the place with this song.

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tandy_1000_1sSalutations Guys,

I remember when the world’s first affordable home PC (Personal Computer) came on the scene (I believe it was 5.25 floppy anywayz.. LOL). Before the terms single, double and high density came-about, 5.25 floppy disks could only hold less than 720kb; later on it was up to 1.2 mb. The floppy disks were sooo flimsy, if you were not careful, the slightest bend, would destroy the entire floppy. As a kid I thought MS DOS was the greatest thing since “slice bread”. This was because it actually became an ego booster for me, reason being, you had to know what the DOS commands were and how to use them. The commands were not really hard back then, but my family thought I was a genius LOL. My first and I think only game was “Wheel Of Fortune”.  It had a built in CGA adapter, and offered very little visual color. Actually I think the only color I remembered displayed was emerald green. I used to laugh at how Vanna White used to look like in the game (I think it was Vanna White, not sure when and now long was on the show). The game was actually a lot of fun, and because it was the world’s first home PC (I think), There were no other competing computers around to compare bad graphics to, so all were good to us back then.

imagesShortly, after more and more competing companies try to take a piece of this “then” new market, and that’s when “Platform Wars” have emerged. What do I mean? Well, “Platform Wars” were and are in essence people’s personal opinions turned political madness. It was about which operating system (ie apple, IBM, Unix, OS/2, Linux, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc), or line of technology individuals felt was the best. For most of us who were not in the technical industry per-say, many of us based these opinions on our personal experiences, others will base their opinions on sheer market shares and company growth. Literally in some settings, it becomes like a war between republicans and democrats. Today computers has changed our lives in such a big way, I personally don’t believe we should be basing our beliefs solely on a company’s numbers, we should be looking at how well it can do the job in addition too. I’ve spent a lot of money on good brand stuff, and they’ve turned out to be crap..

ss-480-1-0Having said this, I never really had a preference for any particular operating platform or technology. However, as the result of the technology wars, it has made it indirectly difficult for me personally, in terms of entertainment. How? Well, some of you already know that, metaphorically, I am a classic carnivore. The older the music or movie the better; but unfortunately the harder it is to find digitally. Trust me, i’ve digitized a lot of my albums, but it is waaaaay too much work, i’d rather buy mp3s than to encode all of my records and tape collections.

I often run in to 3 annoying problems. The first is DRM, this pisses me off to no end, because often you can only use it with one type of device, or software player (although their are ways of getting around this, its still a pain). Second, streaming services like Rhapody and Spotify have only matched less then half my digital collection (not including most of my physical albums and tapes). Now, technically, considering how old most of my music is, that’s still very good, but at the same time I feel that the music streaming services is large enough now that it should found almost all, in my opinion. lastly, I am flipping back and forth between apple, android, and amazon. There are musics that Amazon has that Apple doesn’t and vise verse. There are music that Google has that neither Apple or Amazon have. It makes you realize how much cinematic and musical history the world has, we just can’t contain it all (either that, we realize how old we are.. LOL).

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41Yn2Gky3dL._SL-1As a kid, I remember having house parties at least a minimum of 4 times a year. The parties usually would take place at our house or my grandpa’s house.  If it was not a holiday, it was someone’s birthday, or wedding, or communion celebration. We didn’t have much growing up, but what we did have is a lot of love, and LOTS, and LOTS, and LOTS,  of music. Literally every week we’d go out and buy a new album, or 45,  or 8-Track. If I did not have money for that latest song, I would spend hours next to the radio, on the look out so that I can record them. I used to always curse at the dj’s when ever they would talk over the song being played LOL. In terms of music, based on my age, technically I guess you can say I was more an 80’s child. However, I also grew up listening to a lot of music  form the 50’s through the 70’s as well. Music from the likes of, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons; Neil Sedaka; Brooke Benton; Carla Thomas; Herbie Mann; Ken Boothe; Peter Tosh;  and so on. I really missed that era, and I really wish todays music had that same essence that the 60’s/70’s did. Now, todays definition of “real” music, is all about wailing, moaning, and howling, about how bad a guy want’s to get in girls pant.  Actually, according to most young kids today, as long as it has a good beat, they couldn’t care less what the lyrics say. Hmmm then why have lyrics at all if that’s the case? I guess that’s a whole nother Oprah Winfrey Topic huh?

vpi_classic_turntable-1Growing up (it’s hilarious looking back), I remember when we always had a full house of guests dancing. It was like watching a stampede of some kind, because no matter how many quarters you put on that damn turntable needle, it would still randomly jump all over the place. I remember my grandma usually yell “don’t dance so hard”! Then shortly after, it would appear that our guests would start dancing on their tipi-toes… LOL. The limitation of using vinyl really took the fun out of dancing and having a good time. You’d spend so much money on turntables that promise a “bounce free” experience, but they never worked.

Now we are in the digital age. Sometimes I have a hard time accepting the fact that most of this generation has never seen a record player before. Makes me feel even more old 🙁 . For those of us who cherish our oldies, we have a lot to thank digital technology for; or at least it has given you another reason not to be so scared of technology. Technology has allowed us to once again, hear and see all those old music and movies we’ve thought were gone for ever. You know that old favorite album you’ve lent to your cousin and you’ve never got back? Or your favorite Michael Jackson album you’ve lent your best friend, and by the time you’ve got it back, it was far less than mint condition? Damn if you were lucky enough to play it (with all the scratches on it)? Today, not only can you find and play all your old music again @ affordable prices, music that were once out of print, came back in to circulation as the direct result of digital technology. In addition, sometimes you can find special extended versions of the same songs you already love, movies have been re-digitized and enhanced with stunning quality. Most importantly, you never have to worry about your needle jumping anymore, or fiddling with your TV controls to get a better picture LOL. However, I guess there is that drawback of a collector not being able to physically purchase the original album/film; but then again, the shear volume of music and movies that are now available to us, we don’t have the space to contain them all anywayz.

I am not always able to find all of my treasures on line, but hopefully one day we all will.

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Hey guys, been a long time since I’ve made a video. This weekend, I am paying tribute to Booker T. Washington.[correction: I was tired when I made the video; it’s Hampton Institute, not Hamston..LOL

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Do you remember Pop Rocks? In essence, they were an assortment  of flavored candy, that really popped in your mouth when you ate them. To my understanding, the candy was first introduced in the 1970’s, however, I remembered them up until at least mid 80’s. My favorite was the grape as a kid. They felt like firecrackers popping in my mouth LOL. However, I did not eat a lot of them, because back then their were rumors that if you drank soda behind it you would die. The rumors got so bad that I remember either the company that made Pop Rocks, or the FDA created a special hotline for parents who were concerned about the exploding candy. Despite all the reassurance from the FDA, this was one rumor that got the best of the company. By the mid 1980’s, the once famed Pop Rocks disappeared just as fast as it was first introduced. I often wondered if Pop Rocks ever did come back, would the old rumors resurface? I’d be honest, although I knew they were rumors, it was enough to get me to stop eating them. Ahh, the power of belief systems..


Help to keep our cinematic and musical history alive by sharing my posts! Thank you!

Wow, I can’t believe I actually found an old AOL 2.0 floppy disk install! I don’t remember the year, but this had to have been between 20- 30 years ago. I know this company spent billions of dollars worth of marketing, cause their CD’s were EVERYWHERE! I even remember getting free trails in the mail every other week. They came with every 14.4 and 28.8 modems sold (I think USRobotics was the leading modem company at that time in the 80-90’s). Every single Compaq, Hewlett Packard, and IBM PC’s had A.O.L pre-installed on them. If a retail store did not have A.O.L. installed on any of their machines sold, it would be offered as a separate bonus package. There was a time were it seemed that every single person on the planet had an AOL email address or chat account.  A.O.L. also had a separate online business called Compuserve, which had their own magazine at the time too (believe it or not). It was actually quite cool. Both Compuserve and A.O.L. were more like “Web Bulliten Boards”; all you had to do was enter a special “keyword” and you’d be taken to that “forum”, or “section” of internet service. Compuserve magazine was filled with all kinds of articles, from computers to Knitting, and at the end of each article, a keyword is given so you can find more information through Compuserve. Compuserve was soooo expensive, they charged you for EVERYTHING!! They even charged you for downloads per megabyte. And some wonder why they went out  of business? Yeah…

Back in the day, I was with A.O.Hell for about 10 years till I woke up. I unsubscribed to A.O.L. shortly after 9.0 came out. By that time, I think they bought out Netscape (I think). I liked netscape so much better back then, but I had to log in to A.O.L. to get an internet connection, and between both Netscape and A.O.L. applications, the performance of my pc really suffered. Not to mention the fact that A.O.L. charged you so much money for their service, and had the nerve to throttle our connections… Grrrrr.

By the time I officially left A.O.Hell, I was inundated with spam mail, spammed chats, and spammed USNETS. Interesting how after all of that they still charged members the same price for services. Honestly, I think their great marketing was the only thing that kept them in business, because looking back, they had less than ideal service, and software that took up 50% of your resources.. LOL.. Ahh, those were the good old days, when it took about a full 15 hours just to download one movie! I can truly appreciate what our technology can do today.

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