I was thinking about how we’ve come a long way in terms of radio. Everything about radio has dramatically changed since it’s inception. Since about the early 1910-1920’s ’till now, we have started from one radio broadcast, to literally millions around the world today.  OTR (Old Time Radio) back then consisted of mostly news, and “made for radio” variety shows & television shows that were specifically redesigned for radio; this was important, because they had to account for sounds and gestures that could not be seen via radio.

In my opinion, this probably was one of the best time in our history, because before television, radio allowed us to use our imagination. Talented actors and actresses were now getting work to “act” on radio. It also brought families closer together, the entire family would all come together at a specific time to listen to their favorite radio show. Radio was that one important element used as an excuse to create good quality with their family (unfortunately this doesn’t really happen anymore, it’s as though quality time, teaching your kids morals and respect is now a legend).

radio2Today, we have all kinds of content available on mainstream radio, from celebrity interviews, stations dedicated to specific genres of music, College radio, and stations solely dedicated to sports. We then emerged out of the “dark age” of traditional radio to Satellite radio. Satellite radio blew my mind, because first off, I never could understand the concept of “paying for radio” when I could easily get it for free somewhere else. However, as advertisements grew and became more and more prevalent amongst all radio stations, suddenly the thought of paying for the privilege of not having to be bombarded with heavy unwanted ads every 10-15 minutes was very attractive to me. Many years back, I was with a friend in his car, and I was playing around with his Sirius Radio device. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely loved the fact that companies such as XM and Sirius Radio had great commercial free stations with great selections of music, however, it also gave me a headache, because it appeared that there was too much of a selection. I found myself flipping through channels even more, just to hear what the other stations were playing.

pioneerNow, we are in the age of “Internet Radio” (not to be confused with music on demand). As a person that comes form the older generation, I find it very interesting how “skips” are a big concern in terms of Internet radio. Because traditionally speaking, “real radio” didn’t allow you to skip or choose songs, we had to just listen to what was offered. Today, if a radio Internet provider states “unlimited skips”, that could be a huge motivating factor as to whether someone signs up with them or not.

The other interesting thing is, even when you look at traditional radio from the past I’d say 20 years, they’ve been using computerized playlists just like Internet radio. However, the one true benefit that Internet radio can provide that traditional local radio doesn’t, is international access to many other stations around the world. Another great benefit with Internet radio is that, it truly allows us to not only discover new music, but you can view the full name of the artist and album cover, and or easily purchase the song from your computer or phone. As a music lover, I can definitely say that both computer and Internet technology has changed the way we view and receive our entertainment for the better.

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