I know I’ve tweeted this album a couple of times already, but this album is worthy of a blog post. If you’re a Santana fan, and you’ve never heard this album before, I recommend that you take a listen. Now, I have never been a fan of live albums, but of all the music I’ve consumed in my lifetime, I can honestly say there were only two live albums I ever loved. The first was Donna Summer’s “Live And More (1978),” and the second album would be Santana’s self titled 1969 album. Santana’s album sounds so good, it doesn’t even sound like a live album (maybe that’s why I like it). My two favorite songs from this album are “Jingo,” and “Evil Ways.” When I hear Jingo, it literally transports me back to the late 60s; listening to the guitar solo on this piece was so amazing, I didn’t need to watch it on TV! I just closed my eyes and I was there. There were times listening to this album made me feel like I was in Woodstock! I was forced to insert this article in the “World Music” category, because there are too many cultures mixed in this album. Rock, jazz, Latin, the album is a musical gumbo. On Amazon, I found a great Santana concern on Blu-Ray! Could you believe it? There aren’t too many classic performers we find on Blu-Ray. It’s called Santana: Live at Montreux 2011. All the big names play in Montreux.

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