You know, ever since I was a child, I’ve always been aware of remakes. However, it wasn’t until I became a serious blogger and started researching, I would come to understand just how many songs have been redone, and redone multiple times! So, that ol’ saying “nothing new under the sun,” is literally true. In fact, some of these songs, such as a song called “Our Day Will Come,” have been redone by so many people, if it were not for the internet, it would have been impossible to know who were the original artists. Now, as a kid, I’ve only heard the song sung by the original performers, Ruby And The Romantics, because that’s all I remembered hearing on the radio as a kid (and mind you, I’ve listened to just about all the stations). The song was number one on the Hot 100 and R&B charts; it had also risen to #11 in Australia.

This song was so popular that, coming to find out, this song has been done by more than 40+ artists, and that includes the late Amy Winehouse (which I LOVE the deep reggae overtones). But the group I wanted to write about today, is a group called Spiral Starecase. This particular album should have been named the remake album, because there are several of them. The Spiral Starecase’s version of “Our Day Will Come,” is a smooth pop song with the typical sound that many of the male groups in the 60s. I felt they’ve recreated a danceable love song (in essence), and it was well done. The lead singer at the time, I think it was Pat Upton, always reminded me of the group Air Supply. The biggest hit from this album was a song called “More Today Than Yesterday,” which I like very much.

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