Back in the 70’s, one of the things that I absolutely loved about Sylvester’s music, was the fact that when we heard it back in the day, no one was thinking about “is that guy gay?” “Get that faggot off my turntable, I don’t want to hear that sh**!” Think for a moment how powerful that is; considering the very fierce anti-gay climate in the 70’s (especially for an artist of color). The only other artist or group that kind of had that same effect in the disco era was “The Village People.” Although not everyone was gay in that group, The Village People had (and still has) the kind of timeless music that no one thinks about their sexuality when it is being plaid. They created the kind of music where our minds immediately shifted to dance mode, no questions asked! I think it’s safe to say that in the disco era, Sylvester was one of the greatest dance artists of his time, and we have truly lost a legend way too early. The Original Hits (1989), just about has all his big hits; including, “Dance (Disco Heat) (I have to do some research, because the background singer sounds exactly like Martha Wash),” “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real,” and a song he dedicated to all his fans called “You Are My Friend.” Patti Labelle has made this song her anthem, and has sang the song at the end of every performance. There is another hit that’s not on this album though, and it’s called “Do You Wanna Funk” on his self titled album “Sylvester.” Please Listen with Spotify.



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