Singers Turned Actors

Does any of my readers remember David Soul? If not, you may remember him as Hutch, from the hit 70s cop show “Starsky & Hutch.” You may also remember him for some other hit films such as “Salem’s Lot (1979),” and Clint Eastwood’s “Magnum Force (1973).” When he was young, I thought he was a very handsome and talented actor. But, did you know David had a very short singing career? As far as I can remember, he only had one hit song to his career. The song was called “Don’t Give Up On Us,” released under Private Stock Records. The song shot up to #1, and stayed on the charts for about 19 weeks. Now, I have to be honest, he was probably a better actor than a singer. He had an average voice. However, the song itself was such a sweet, warm, and romantic song; and I feel the song suited his voice perfectly. That combination was what made both him and the song a hit. This song remains my one and only favorite from David Soul.

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