Amazing Groups

U2 is such an awesome group, don’t you think? My ultimate U2 favorite, is a song they recorded in 1987 called “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” This song not only hit #1, it stayed there for 2 weeks. This is such a beautiful song, yet kind of cryptic. I interpret the song as saying, he tried to find his love in other people he has dated, but nothing compared to having the real thing, which was her. I heard Cher sing this song in one of her live farewell performances here. I loved the way she sang this, her voice is truly suited for this song in my opinion.

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At first, I said to myself, no way can I consider this a classic now! Simply because it’s not old enough. Well, then it dawned on me, it has been 24 years since this amazing album was released! So, yes… It has earned its title as being one of the classic gems of music history. Zhané, as they are called, consists of two talented women, Renee Neufville & Jean Norris-Baylor. My most favorite song they produced was a song called “Groove Thang.” Groove Thang hit #4 on the R&B Billboard charts. I remember people playing this EVERYWHERE. This song was so popular in the Black community, it became one of those “Must Have” classic songs at any barbecue. Another big favorite of mine is a song called “Hey, Mr. D.J.,” which was released on the same album called “Pronounced Jah-Nay.” The song reached #6 on the Hot 100 charts. There music is the kind of music you’d hear on one of those “smooth groove” compilation CDs that used to be so popular back in the day. As far as I can tell, the group stopped performing some time in 2000.

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This was a badass group back in the day. Jacques Fred Petrus (1949–1987) and Mauro Malavas got together and formed “Change.” However, all of their most popular hits, seem to be the ones all featuring Luther Vandros. In the late seventies & mid eighties, they’ve clearly dominated the disco era. The album called “The Best Of Change,” is (unless you’ve been living under a rock, I dare to say) the most memorable album of the 1980’s. The album itself reached #10, and one of my favorite songs from this album “The Glow Of Love,” not only did it hit #1, it also stayed #1 on the dance chats for 9 consecutive weeks! That’s a little over two months! I remember every single block party in the hood was playing this song. Change was smoking in deed. My other two favorites, which were also #1 were “A Lover’s Holiday,” and “Searching.” Now, I have this album at home, and it appears that Spotify has added additional bonus tracks on this album. The bonus tracks sounded alright, I wasn’t exactly shaking my butt to them, but they were enjoyable. The most important thing is, the album includes all the famous tracks we know and love.

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Real Love” was a great song produced in the 1980s, recorded by the Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald was the lead singer. This was definitely a unique romantic song. I don’t know what the instrument is called, but it’s from the violin family I think; when I heard that sound, I said to myself what was that? I didn’t think it was a string instrument at first, it sounded almost synthesized. I never heard that sound before. but, the sound kind of made me want to listen to the song.  I loved it ever since. It was perfect for Michael’s voice. The song reached #5 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts, and stayed on the charts for about 16 weeks.

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The Jackson 5, Show You The Way to Go (1976)

Now THIS!!! I haven’t heard in a really, really, really long time. This was one of my favorite songs from the Jacksons, and it is rare indeed. This is why I love streaming so much. Could you imagine if we didn’t have streaming on the net? Could you imagine just how time consuming, and financially straining it would be to find just one of your classics? Then again, you have to have people old enough to remember these, to make it available on the net. Anyway, this was a hard song to categorize, because technically, back in the day, we would have categorized it as disco. However, as we have evolved musically, I felt it was probably best to put it in R&B. The song is called “Show You The Way To Go,” and it was released in 1976. It’s a smooth/soft, romantic type of disco song, soft enough to be considered R&B.

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Boney M. was formed in the early 70s, based out of Germany. They were a popular disco and dance group. From what I’ve read they’ve had a number of number one hits under their belt. However, I guess because they were based out in Germany, I’m having trouble finding the stats I want. My favorite song produced by them was released in 1976, and the song was called “Sunny.” I know this song was their second #1, but I don’t know how long it was on the charts. I’m going to make an assumption that it was number one in Germany (don’t quote me). This song truly represented the spirit of just one of the many disco styles we had from back in the day. This song was actually a cover to Bobby Hebb‘s original “Sunny.”

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Do you guys remember a group called Yes? Yes is an English band that does mostly rock music. They formed in the very late sixties in London. Now, when it comes to music from the UK I can be very picky (actually I’m picky with most music); They’ve had many hits, but I don’t really dig their music to be honest. However, there was one song that became a major hit that I love. It’s called “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.” The song was released in 1983, and stayed number one for two weeks! It lasted on the charts for about 23-24 weeks, so, the song was really huge. The style of this particular song reminds me very much the kinds of music you would hear Sting/The Police produce. Once you hear this song I know you’ll remember!

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The Trammps were not only one of the biggest musical groups of the 70s, they were also one of my favorite soul & disco infused groups ever. First off, let’s talk about their outfits back in the day. Look how boss they look above! These were the perfect color; I mean, the people who took the time to design and make these outfits were talented beyond belief. Now, a group like The Trammps didn’t really need fancy clothing, cause they were talented on their own. However, when they did perform with outfits like these, it made their act even more exciting!!! I miss this era so much.

Their album called Disco Inferno, released in 1976, under Atlantic Records, is chuck full of amazing hits. When The Trammps released this album, they laid down the law, and they hit hard! Almost every single song on this album was a powerhouse hit! Starting with my favorite song (which happens to be the same title of the album), “Disco Inferno.” This song offered 10 minutes and 59 seconds of pulsating disco beats, and vocals that meant business. Within the first 3 beats of this song being played at a party, we all immediately knew what song it was. That’s how popular! When “Disco Inferno” was put on the 4 album deluxe “Saturday Night Fever” sound track, it immortalized the group as the album became 16x platinum.

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