Amazing Groups

Today, I felt we must pay homage to Rick James’s protegees, The Mary Jane Girls! I loved these women, they had a LOT of major hits in the 80s. You know, they were so famous, I heard a rumor that they harbored some jealousy for one group member, because she seemed to have gained more attention from male fans then the other girls. Wow, imagine that!?!? Judging by how many times I remember hearing it back in the day, their song called “All Night Long,” released in 1983, under Motown Records, was the most popular. It was written by the man himself, Rick James. This was not only a perfect grove song, it was one of those “make out” songs at the same time. LOL

But, actually, although I still liked “All Night Long,” it really wasn’t my favorite jam. My most favorite jam from MJG was a song called “Candy Man.” Not to be confused with the movie “Candy Man.” LOL This song was also written by Rick James, and I like it because it was one of the very few popular “sexy” songs done by females that didn’t make them appear like sex objects only. How ironic, since it is alleged that Rick used to beat the women he went out with. I digress. There was another favorite of mine that I think didn’t get as much credit. It’s a song called “You’re My Heaven.” I think they sang the sh*t out of this song. They were truly a talented group, and harmonized perfectly with each other, despite whatever personal gripes they had of each other.

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I loved Shalamar back in the day. I think Howard Hewitt had (and still has) an amazing voice. I never heard a voice like his before. This album is actually a compilation of songs from across many albums. I have to be honest, I don’t remember hearing a lot of them. However, all the important memorable hits are on it. Such as their biggest notable hit called “Second Time Around,” which hit #1 on the Hot 100 Singles Chart, AND #1 on the Dance Charts. This song became (along with many others) an anthem in the Black community. EVERYBODY was singing this song. If you didn’t know who Shalamar was, or wasn’t at least familiar with this song, people looked at you as though you must be from a different planet! 😀 Also “Right In The Socket,” I have this 12 inch. “A Night To Remember,” which is another favorite of mine, “Make That Move,” “Dancing In The Sheets,” and finally “This Is For The Lover In You.” Their song “This Is For The Lover In You” was a nice slow jam that people played a lot. Absolutely no home made cassette tape was complete without this song back in the day.

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