This is one of my favorite classic 60s-70s CD. This should have been called “The Greatest Hits” CD, because it includes some pretty big songs from back in the day. Starting from Rufus & Chaka Khan’s “You Got The Love,” Jean Knight’s “Mr Big Stuff,” King Floyd’s “Groove Me,” and ending the CD with Brenda & The Tabulations’ “Right On The Tip Of My Tongue.” All of the songs on this CD were high ranking songs on the Music Billboards. This CD illustrates what true R&B was back in the day. Back in my time! All are the original songs the way they sang them. No redoes…. Check it out on Spotify.’s Best Selling Men’s Fragrances


Legends Of Reggae Music

This is one of my favorite old school reggae albums, and given how rare these songs are, I am shocked that the actual album is on Spotify. It has various artists, which includes Horace Andy, Gregory Isaac, Michael Rose, my favorite singer Ken Boothe, and more…. This particular CD’s physical release was 1994. Not sure if it’s older than that, but usually there’s an album before the CD, so until I find it, I’ll stick with ’94. I think Ska fans will love “Legends Of Reggae Music.” This CD will Take you back in time, with “Rock On” by Gregory Isaac, and “Nice And Easy” by Horace Andy. Extremely rare music. The album was produced by JA Records. No doubt this is out-of-print by now. Enjoy!!

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I was listening to this great cassette not too long ago, and thought I would share it with you this morning. Unfortunately, the original album doesn’t seem to be anywhere on streaming services, so I had to pull this collection together. It contains original themes from various James Bond films, released in 1983. You know, I’m not a fan of all James Bond films, but this is my very favorite James Bond OST cassette. If you’re a James Bond fan, I think you’ll love this cassette too. Sadly, I was not able to find “For Your Eyes Only,” by Sheena Easton. This was shocking, as there are like one hundred versions of this song, but no Sheena! I found another “For Your Eyes Only” to take it’s place; this instrumental fits with the tempo and mood of the particular sound track. They’ve chose some amazing voices to do their themes, and I really can’t think of anybody who could have done these songs better, in the way they were sung. You may think I’m crazy but….. “From Russia With Love,” by Matt Monro, is one of my top favorites. The second is “Man With The Golden Gun,” by Lulu. I always forget she had this hit song, because I can only seem to remember her for her other cult classic “To Sir With Love.” Enjoy my James Bond playlist now on Spotify!

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Spotify Playlist

The 80’s seemed to be that decade where many music labels re-released a LOT of old songs from various artists. Many labels didn’t even bother to put “Greatest Hits” on copies. To me, it was an obvious trick to get fans to pay for the exact music we already had 🙁 Knowing that this was a common practice among many record labels, I was dumbfounded that the record labels would try to convince the public they weren’t making money! However, today’s era is a whole different story! Now, although labels seem to finally turn profits via streaming, internet radio, licensing, and perhaps from vinyl collectors; but not enough to recouped what they’ve lost during the Napster through the Torrent years. Lots, and lots, and lots of money they could have made if they were not so scared of internet technology. But, like I said, they’ve also bled a lot of fan’s pockets too! so, there you have it.

I can’t believe how unrecognizable Patti is here. If it wasn’t for her signature nose and smile, I would have said this was not her. This cassette contained music I already had, with the exception of one song. It’s called “Teach Me Tonight (Me Gusta Tu Baile),” on her “Tasty” album, released in 1978. It was the only real reason I purchased it. Let me tell you, I’m so happy I did, because I laughed soooooooo hard, my stomach hurt! Do you guys remember that Lucille Ball episode, when Lucy got so drunk that she embarrass Ricky by getting up on stage and tried to sing Spanish with Ricky? I think it was the episode when she did the “VitaMeataVegamin commercial.” This was Patti when I heard this song. Oh, goodness, she was so hilarious! She sounded like one of those drunk friends we’ve all had at every party, that try to sing the words to a song they don’t know, but don’t care, ’cause they have a buzz, and they’re having fun. What even made it more hilarious, was the fact that Patti has such a vocal range she’s able to make all these unusual sounds whie singing. When you put that together with trying to pronounce Spanish words, it’s funny as hell!! Although I got a good laugh, this is not the sort of song I would put on and dance to. I’m so happy that Patti stuck primarily to her old genres. Enjoy the playlist here.

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Hi old school family!! Back this morning with a special handpicked playlist just for my blog readers! I don’t believe I’ve shared with you any hard hitting house music yet. People of my age group who’s gone out to clubs in the 80s & 90s will appreciate this playlists. My playlist includes 30 of some of the biggest & memorable house mixes from back in the day (including Acid). Some of our best DJs came from the 80s & 90s in my opinion, such as my favorites, Ralphi Rosario, Fast Eddie, and Todd Terry, just to name a few.

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You’ll be dancing to club mixes like “Dance-Club Mix,” by Earth People, “Hear The Music – Tee’s Freeze Mix,” by Gypsymen, “Work It To The Bone,” by LNR, “Luv Dancin’ (featuring Jasmine) – In Deep Mix,” by Underground Solution, “Plastic Dreams,” by Jaydee. In the gay community, we loved Jaydee’s song so much, that every time a DJ played it, EVERYONE did the “Bus Stop!” It was an amazing sight to see, everyone coming together for the love of music. Imagine a huge club like “The Sound Factory (not sure if it’s still around),” and everyone doing the same dance steps! It was almost like watching synchronized swimming. It was an amazing time back then. Now people have so much attitude it’s not even safe to go to clubs anymore. Listen to these classic remixes on Spotify.

I have a treat for all the doo-wop fans out there this morning! This is a new handpicked collection of extremely rare, yet some of the most (then) popular male groups of the 50s through the 60s. This playlist includes songs such as “Goody Goody” by Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers, which hit #20 on the Billboard Charts in 1957. I also have on this playlist, “Sincerely” by The Moonglows, which hit #1 in 1954. I couldn’t resist the urge to add “I Only Have Eyes For You” by The Flamingos,  and this song peaked at #3 on the charts in 1959! Many of these songs were produced while at the peak of each music group’s career. I know you’ll like these amazing songs, just as much as I’ve enjoyed picking them for you. Listen now on Spotify and Enjoy.