Funk Music

If I’m not mistaken, “Rufusized” was the first album I purchased with Chaka Khan. There was only one song on this album I remembered being a hit. That was “Once You Get Started,” which reached #10 on the Hot 100 Charts. This funk dance song starts off with trumpets in the background, then you hear Chaka start off belting some serious high notes. When you hear this song for the first time, she’s letting you know you’re going to dance to this song! I can’t say this was a favorite album of mine, however, the single I believe was worth having. The song was written by Gavin Christopher, and I think they couldn’t have picked a better person than Chaka to carry this song.

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I’d like to share a song I found a while ago. Meet the late, Darondo. Darondo had a cute album called “The Music City Sessions.” According to what I’ve read, the copyright is 2011. However, it’s obvious that the music is dated; and since Darondo died in 2013; either this music was never released to the public yet; or the original music was re-digitized with a new copyright of 2011. The sound is definitely early 70s. On the album there’s a song called “Luscious Lady.” I really do like this song, it has a heavy funky beat, and he has somewhat of a soulful voice. His music falls along the lines of Al Green’s style. In fact, his voice sounds almost identical to Al’s. He could’ve been a music double and know one would have known. I do also like “Get Up Off Your Butt” too; it’s a nice funk piece anybody can dance too. There are a couple of other nice songs on this album, but those two stuck on me.

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