Iconic Soundtracks

WOW!! Look what I found buried in my collection! Yo! If you don’t remember these guys from back in the day, something is wrong.. 😀 You know, I could be wrong, but speaking only from the best of my memory, I think this was one of the biggest, and last hit we got from Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five.  This amazing and flamboyant group released a rap song called “Beat Street Break Down,” for the 1984 movie “Beat Street,” Starring Rae Dawn Chong, and Guy Davis.

Now, to be honest I don’t remember much from the movie. I don’t even remember whether I liked it or not. I do remember however, hearing all the straight boys going bananas over Rae Dawn Chong. Personally, I didn’t think she was all that much of a brilliant actress, and her looks were average. I just couldn’t understand the infatuation str8 men had for her. Anyway 😀 The soundtrack was amazing tho, another song that became my favorite was “Us Girls,” by Sharon Green, Lisa Counts & Debbie D. Sadly it’s not on Spotify, but do check it out on YouTube.

When we talk about the history of hip hop, you can’t leave out GMM & TFF! They played a pivotal role in helping to make hip hop popular the way it is today. But on the other hand, from my perspective, I didn’t really experience their music as just hip hop either. It was more dance mix in with pop, and I think that added a lot of diversity to their music.

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I’d say this has got to be one of my many favorite songs of 1984. Dan Hartman released an awesome love song called “I Can Dream About You.” This was a hit theme song to the movie “Streets Of Fire.” The movie is about a mercenary guy who gets hired to save his ex-girlfriend from a motorcycle gang. The song hit #6 on the Top 100 Charts, and stayed on the charts for about 16 weeks. Another big hit I love from Hartman, is a song he released in 1978 called “Instant Replay.” Although it only hit #29 on the Top 100 Charts, it still remains one of my favorite disco dance tunes from that era.

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Another lost classic and movie. Cyndi Lauper released a very fun song called “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough,” in 1985. It’s an unusual song, with an almost 60’s hippie sound to it. It’s the theme song to the 80s movie “The Goonies,” directed by Richard Donner. It stars Sean Austin and Jeff Cohen. Although Cyndi’s song is fun and a little bit goofy (especially if you’ve seen the music video), the movie itself is actually a great adventure movie. Cyndi’s Goonies song peaked at #10 on the Top 100 Charts, and stayed relevant for about 15 weeks. Cyndi recorded the song while she was still at the height of her career.

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Did you know that the legendary Tina Turner was also an actress? Yes, the Black queen of rock ‘n’ roll was an actress for a very short time. Do you remember the second “Mad Max” series starring Mel Gibson called “Beyond Thunderdome” released in 1985? Well, the legendary Tina had a small part in this movie. She played a character named Aunty Entity, and the little she did, she was fierce, down to her clothing. I was impressed because I never pictured Tina as an actress. One thing’s for sure, she definitely looked the part.

Tina sang the movie’s theme song called “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome),” which peaked at #2 on the Hot 100 Charts. It stayed on the charts for about 18 weeks. This is my favorite song from the soundtrack. Even if you’ve never seen the movie before, once you hear the song, you’re instantly reminded of the movie. Even in the movie trailer Tina had such an amazing presence.

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I love the movie “The Last Dragon,” starring Taimak & Vanity (of Vanity 6). The movie was released in 1985. Although the movie is essentially about martial arts, but because it has a music element to it, within the first minute of watching this movie, you’ll immediately realize it’s so 80s 😂. Not only was this movie wildly popular (and to be honest, I think that was due to Vanity being in the movie), the soundtrack had a lot of hits as well. Such as “Rhythm Of The Night” by DeBarge (which hit #1 in the U.S.), and “Peeping Tom” by Rockwell (which peaked @ #21 on the dance chart). But there was one song from this great soundtrack that did not get much credit (in my opinion). “First Time On A Ferris Wheel,” which was song by Smokey Robinson and Syreeta. This was, and still is an amazingly beautiful song. It reminds me of one of those “new teenage love,” kind of songs. By the way, the way Syreeta sings, she reminds me of Deniece Williams a lot.