Wow! Just realized it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted a look-a-like! Well, I got a real funny one for you! Angry Bird and Groucho Marx. Most if not all my young blog visitors probably are not old enough to remember comedian Groucho Marx. He was actually part of an act along with his brothers, known as “The Marx Brothers.” He later moved on solo, and has become very famous for hosting a few game shows. Look him up.. Groucho Marx.

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Everything in life repeats itself eventually, especially when it comes to art that is inspired by other art. The interesting thing is, regardless of the era, both were considered hot and risque at the time. I could not find the name of the pinup girl on the left. However, the right is our beloved Donna Summer.


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Look what the late Elvis Presley is driving? doesn’t his car have a striking resemblance to the 70’s cartoon car “Speed Buggy?” Unless you’re a TV buff, not too many of my readers are probably old enough to remember this cartoon. It was quite entertaining to me as a kid. It was almost a damn near rip off of Scooby-Doo.


I’ve discovered striking resemblance between actresses Amanda Peet and Jennifer Aniston. In someways, it almost feels like it’s unfair to put these two in a look-a-like comparison, because Jennifer doesn’t look anywhere near the way she looks now 15+ years ago. Jennifer has appeared in movies such as “Leprechaun (1993),” and a long time actress on the TV show “Friends (1994-2004).”  Amanda has appeared on a movie called “Whipped (2002),” and a movie “The Battle for Terra (2007).” Honestly, pretty soon, I think straight men will have to stamp a number on their wives/girlfriends wrists, because with all these plastic surgeries women with money are having, str8 men are not going to be able to tell them apart. Am I wrong for saying this?


This was a real hard one for me, because both Reba McEntire and Jennifer Shepard (NCIS) are like chameleons, they’re constantly changing their looks all the time. These are the best photos I could find that show some resemblance. Although, there are times were I’ve seen Jennifer look more like Marlene Dietrich.