That o’l saying “we all have a twin” is soooo true! Comedian and director Harold Lloyd looks like splitting image of actor Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer on NCIS (or should I say the other way around?). I’m just stunned at the coincidence. Even the contours of their dimples, the shape of their lips, even their noses appear to be almost exactly proportioned. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that these handsome men were father and son.


I just realized, I haven’t done a look alike in ages. Here are two I thought of a couple of weeks ago.  Demi Moore and the infamous 80’s pop diva Boy George; they really could actually be sisters! LOL. I don’t know what it is, I think its their piercing eyes that done it for me.


Hey guys, I’m back with another look alike for you! Karen Carpenter and Barbara Feldon. Barbara is best known for her character as agent 99, in the hit 70’s TV show “Get Smart.” Unfortunately, I was never in to that show, I thought the jokes were very dry. I was amazed on how much of a big hit the show was. Karen Carpenter was the lead singer of The Carpenters, along with her brother, Richard Carpenter. Sadly Karen died of heart failure due to anorexia (I actually thought it was cancer at first (google is such a beautiful thing)); she got so thin during the last stages of her life, that she really looked like a cancer patient. I couldn’t really find a better picture of Karen to show the similarities, I guess it was because around the date of the above picture, she gone down hill from there. I loved almost all The Carpenters music. Still listen to them today as a matter of fact.

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Earlier I was watching a detective show called “The Shift”. It’s the same kind of theme as the show “The First 48” (from A&E). One of the detectives from “The Shift” has a striking resemblance to Jodie Foster. She even acts like her A LOT. Well, like mother always said, “everybody has a twin somewhere”. I couldn’t believe it. As far as I can tell, they are not related, but boy it’s scary how much they look-a-like and act-a-like.


Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I didn’t mean to upset die-hard fans of Miguel LOL. I like a lot of his music because many of his songs has an old school beat to them. He definitely hasn’t been around long enough to be old school, so I needed to find some reason to post him on my blog. Then I realized….. Oh my, he looks somewhat like Howard The Duck!! That’s the old school connection.. 🙂 . I think he has a very nice voice, very pleasant to listen too, and his songs has a lot of rhythm. But you know, I can’t seem to watch him perform on TV without focusing on his unique look. He tends to be a chameleon when it comes to fashion, however, his eccentric style tends to confuse me a lot. Some days he looks like a young modern day Prince, and other times he looks like Jackie Wilson. I’ve also seen photos of him were he is sooo androgynous he appears to resemble Anita Baker. Very talented man.