I’m sorry, I just could not resist. I had to put these two pictures together. Flavor Flav now looks exactly like “The Heat Miser” from the Xmas 1974 classic “A Year Without Santa Claus“. For those of you who are too young to remember, Flavor Flav was apart of a radicle 80’s rap group called “Public Enemy”, which hits include “Fight The Power“, and also “Don’t Believe The Hype“. Flavor Flav is the one that wears that HUMUNGOUS clock on his neck, large and loud sunglasses, and he is extremely flamboyant. From what I can tell, he still performs lyrics with the group. Recently, Flavor Flav was arrested for domestic abuse and erratic ¬†behavior. This is a perfect example of someone who enjoyed all the fame and fortune, yet, because he has nothing of value from within, it eventually manifests itself as people like him get older.